Weekly Recap

Our Unite Alberta movement had plenty going on this week, and wanted to take this time to update Albertans on what our team has been up to.

Delegate selection meetings (DSM) are ongoing, and we continue to elect strong majorities of unity delegates in these local races., However, there is still plenty of work to be done, with over 60 meetings on the horizon. If you haven’t participated in your local DSM, please visit www.jasonkenney.ca for more information. DSMs are the only way to cast your vote to Jason Kenney.

As many of you know, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a decision on pipelines, approving Line 3, Kinder Morgan, and rejecting Northern Gateway. Albertans need a government that will stand up to Ottawa and fight for our best interest. A job killing carbon tax and a government who hires anti-pipeline advocates for their advisory board is not what Albertans need. This is why we need your support in signing the petition to axe the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax so we can prove that this is NOT what Albertans want. You can sign here.

A recent poll shows the PCs, Wildrose, and NDP in a virtual tie across the province. With two free-enterprise parties competing for the same votes will surely result in another NDP term. A united alternative to the NDP is the only way to end the vote-splitting that sent the NDP to power in 2015. 

The NDP’s ideological policies are hurting Alberta. According to a recent report by the Fraser Institute, Alberta dropped from being the 14th best place to invest in Oil and Gas to the 43rd. At the same time, Saskatchewan rose to 4th place. The NDP is spooking investors out of our province, which is why we need to send a message to the world that Alberta is open for business. We can only do that through a united, free-enterprise party.

The NDP job-killing carbon tax has already started to cost taxpayers. Shutting down Alberta’s coal industry will cost taxpayers several billion dollars, not to mention the long term costs Albertans will face in switching electricity grids, as we have seen how Ontario is dealing with the consequences today for that same decision. 

Last night PC Alberta hosted its most recent leadership forum. Jason shared his plan to unite Albertans. He spoke about the importance of investing in education that promotes careers in the technology and the trades. He also pledged to engage young voters who will find their economic futures destroyed be this reckless NDP government, as well as connecting with young voters and their values.


We need a government that is proud of Alberta being the most responsible producer of oil in the world. We hope you will join us in uniting Alberta so we can work together to bring back the Alberta advantage.


-the Jason Kenney Team