Two MLAs endorse Jason Kenney for Leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP)

Calgary, AB - September 13, 2017 - Today Calgary-Hays MLA, Ric McIver, and Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre MLA, Jason Nixon, both endorsed Jason Kenney for Leader of the United Conservative Party. 

 “I am thrilled to have the support of two of Alberta’s most effective conservative leaders: Ric McIver and Jason Nixon.  Both of them played indispensable roles in creating the United Conservative Party, as leading members of the negotiating team that developed the merger agreement, and since then caucus representatives on our party’s governing board. Let me be blunt: without Jason and Ric, there would have been no unity agreement. They are two of the most respected members of the Legislature, and amongst Alberta conservatives.

As the voice of fiscal conservatives on Calgary City Council, then a provincial Minister with a record of getting difficult things done, and finally as Interim PC Leader during a very challenging time, Ric McIver has been a stalwart leader. I am so proud to have him on our team.

Jason Nixon is the quintessential compassionate conservative.  As Official Opposition Whip and Wildrose Caucus lead on the unity project, Jason has demonstrated a remarkable ability to bring people together. He is also one of the most effective constituency MLAs I have seen. His support sends an important message about the need for strong, experienced leadership for our new party, and the future Conservative government.” - Jason Kenney, UCP Leadership Candidate

“Jason Kenney was the only driving force for unity. This is the type of leadership and commitment that Alberta needs now.” - Ric McIver, UCP MLA (Calgary-Hays)

“The stakes in this first UCP leadership are extremely high, I am confident we are picking the next Premier of Alberta. Jason is the only one with the experience and leadership to get to work on Day One to undo the NDP's disastrous economic agenda. Jason has been taking on the federal Liberals in Ottawa for decades, going toe-to-toe with Stephane Dion in his efforts carbon tax efforts, and against Justin Trudeau when he was Jason’s critic for Immigration. I have no doubt Jason is the right man for the job” - Jason Nixon, UCP MLA (Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre)