Trudeau’s Worst Nightmare: Premier Jason Kenney

Across Alberta, everyone is talking about the United Conservative Leadership race and who will be our next Premier. You can bet it’s a hot topic in the rest of Canada too! After all, Alberta has a long history of electing conservative premiers like Ralph Klein, who stand tall on the national stage and fight for what’s ours.

Although he’ll never admit it, one person who is probably paying a lot of attention to our leadership election is Justin Trudeau. And you can be sure that when it comes to Jason Kenney’s campaign, he doesn’t like what he sees.

Premier Jason Kenney would be Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare.

That’s because Justin Trudeau has gone up against Jason Kenney before. Trudeau has seen first-hand what Jason is capable of. Jason’s premiership represents a major roadblock for Trudeau – and he knows it. Even the NDP know it!

Writing in the Toronto Star NDP strategist Robin Spears says, “it will serve the Trudeau Liberals far better if Notley is re-elected…A strong new mandate for Jason Kenney, a ferociously partisan and effective campaigner, would have implications beyond Alberta.”

For once, we agree with the NDP. Jason Kenney is the best choice to stand up for Alberta and take the fight to Trudeau.

Think about it.

For years now, Trudeau has used our oil and gas industry as a punching bag when he panders to special interests in downtown Toronto and Montreal. With Jason Kenney as Premier, Alberta won’t roll over anymore. We’ll punch back.

If Trudeau wants to impose punishing new taxes on Alberta’s businesses and job-creators, he’ll have to go through Premier Jason Kenney first.

And when it comes to equalization payments, Jason Kenney will demand a fair deal for Alberta. We won’t be writing Trudeau a blank cheque to bail out his friends at Bombardier!.

When it comes to dealing with Canada’s premiers, Justin Trudeau has it easy so far. Outside of Brad Wall and Brian Pallister (who have done a great job standing up for the West!), the Ottawa Liberals have been on easy street. But if Jason Kenney wins the United Conservative Leadership race, Trudeau’s free ride will reach the end of the line.

So, who is Justin Trudeau supporting in the United Conservative leadership race? Not Jason Kenney – that’s for sure.

And if that’s not a good enough reason to vote for Jason, we don’t know what is!

Send Justin Trudeau a message. Vote for Jason Kenney.