Trinity Statement

"I am pleased by news that parents of the Trinity Christian School Association will be able to continue providing their children with the education of their choosing.  As I stated at the time of Trinity’s revocation, I was deeply troubled that thousands of students and their caring families were blindsided and cast into uncertainty by the NDP’s unilateral action.

While the proper use of taxpayer funds is no doubt very important, the interests of the students must be considered paramount in situations such as these. It is clear that the ideological NDP was reckless in hastily revoking Trinity’s accreditation without even trying to first seek a mediated solution. On important and sensitive matters involving children, government must always strive to defend their best interests. In this case, the NDP failed to do so.

I previously questioned why the government would not first pursue independent third-party management of Trinity’s finances if they had concerns regarding the use of tax dollars. It now appears that just such an arrangement has been agreed upon. It is unfortunate that legal action was required to force the NDP to even consider this common mechanism. Thousands of students and their families were left in limbo for a number of months while this matter worked its way through the courts.

I sincerely hope that the NDP has learned a lesson, and will conduct itself accordingly in the future. I also hope that the NDP will reaffirm Alberta’s longstanding tradition of school choice, which includes support for home-schooling, independent schooling, charter schools and quality public schools. Given the NDP’s behavior, it is more important than ever that we safeguard the principle of school choice, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

-Jason Kenney


Jason’s Oct. 26 statement regarding the revocation of Trinity’s accreditation can be found here: