Three Calgary MLAs endorse Jason Kenney for UCP Leader


Three Calgary MLAs endorse Jason Kenney for Leader of the United Conservatives

September 20, 2017 (Calgary, AB)–Today, Dave Rodney (Calgary-Lougheed), Prab Gill (Calgary-Greenway), and Prasad Panda (Calgary-Foothills) endorsed Jason for leader of the United Conservatives. Kenney is the only candidate to receive MLA endorsements from both the legacy PC and Wildrose parties.

Quotes for Attribution 

“I am incredibly grateful to receive the support from Dave, Prab and Prasad. They demonstrate a strong commitment to conservative free-enterprise beliefs and dedication to their respective Calgary constituents. To have multiple endorsements from MLAs in both legacy Wildrose and PC parties is a testament to our big-tent campaign.

Having served under Ralph Klein, Dave has a long history of public service. Dave stands for the same conservative values of fiscal restraint and lower taxes as Ralph did. His support here today sends a message that we need to control spending and reduce taxes in order to generate economic growth. 

Prab is an example of the many new Canadians who make Alberta their home, in order to work hard and achieve their dreams. He understands and represents the values of new Albertans, and I look forward to working with him as we continute to unite Alberta to get our province back on track

Prasad’s support shows that all sides of our new party want to see a grassroots, not top down, presidential-style, approach to policy development. As the Wildrose’s Energy Critic, Prasad was a fierce defender of the tens of thousands who work in Alberta’s responsibly developed oil & gas sector.” - Jason Kenney, UCP Candidate

“As the only United Conservative MLA to have served under Ralph Klein, I am thrilled to endorse Jason Kenney for Leader of our party. Jason embodies the same principled, no-nonsense conservatism practiced by Ralph. The NDP is on track to leave this province in a fiscal mess, and we’ll need Jason’s skill and experience to get Alberta back on track." - Dave Rodney, UCP MLA (Calgary-Lougheed)

"I believe Jason Kenney is the only candidate with the experience to walk into the premier’s office on Day One and begin getting Alberta back on track. Jason has a long history of defending Alberta’s interest and taking on the federal government. It is because of Jason’s leadership and hard work that we have a United Conservative Party and is the leader Alberta needs right now.” - Prab Gill, UCP MLA (Calgary-Greenway)

“The question facing UCP voters is who will be the best Premier to lead Alberta, and I am confident Jason Kenney is that Leader. In consultation with our grassroots members, I’m confident his pro-growth agenda will lead to significant job creation within the private sector. Should Jason succeed in becoming Premier, I believe that Alberta will once again be the economic engine of Canada.” - Prasad Panda, UCP MLA (Calgary-Foothills)