Alberta will be posting its single biggest budgetary deficit in its 110 year history - $10.9 billion dollars in 2016 alone.

The NDP Economic Record - The Worst in a Century

A little while ago, NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci provided Albertans with a Fall fiscal update.

The news wasn’t good.

Alberta will be posting its single biggest budgetary deficit in its 110 year history - $10.9 billion dollars in 2016 alone.

To put that in context, it means the NDP government has taken out new debt in the amount of $2,600 for every man, woman, and child in Alberta – in just one year!

This is a truly staggering level of debt.

Already, Alberta has had its credit rating reduced, making it more expensive to borrow money and creating new investor uncertainty.

On top of huge job losses across the province, small businesses are closing their doors because they can’t afford to pay staff the higher minimum wage the NDP have forced on them.

Next up is a new multi-billion dollar carbon tax that will raise the price of everything in Alberta – from gasoline at the pumps to groceries for the home.

Add to that a huge increase in electricity prices once the carbon tax comes into effect, and the price spike coming from the NDP’s premature forced shut down of Alberta coal power generating plants, and the news just couldn’t be worse.

Life is a lot more expensive for Albertans under the NDP.

And let’s be clear. Alberta’s economy was struggling already because of the global decline in energy commodity prices. Nobody is disputing that.

However, instead of working to support our economy with tax cuts, reductions in red tape, and making Alberta the most friendly place to do business in Canada, the NDP have gone in exactly the opposite direction.

They’ve made job losses worse by hiking taxes and tying up business in red tape.

They’ve implemented a costly new carbon tax and minimum wage hike that has stifled job creation.

And they’ve failed to stand up for our responsible and sustainable energy sector – the economic engine of our province.

The NDP don’t seem to realize that bowing to the special interests on these issues has created real-world harm for everyday Alberta families.

Worst of all, they refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions which have pushed tens of thousands of Albertans to the brink of financial ruin.

As Jason Kenney has toured the province, he’s heard countless stories of hard-working Albertans who have started to lose their hope that they can make it through these tough economic times.

That’s why a United Alberta would make restoring the Alberta Advantage its number one priority.

It’s time to get Alberta back to work and growing once again, and that means putting an end to the failed policies of the NDP, and restoring common sense government to Alberta.

Let’s Unite Alberta and bring back the Alberta Advantage! Buy your membership today to support Jason Kenney.