The First Step

The past two months I've been travelling across Alberta, talking to people like you, with a clear message: it's time to unite Alberta, defeat the NDP, and bring back the Alberta Advantage.

But before we can even think about the next election, we must take the first step. If I don't win the Alberta PC leadership, there will be no single united party, and we could be looking at a second consecutive NDP government in 2019.

So I need your help. I need you to buy an Alberta PC membership so you can take part in local meetings and cast your vote in the upcoming leadership election.

Click here to purchase your one-year, $10 Alberta PC Party membership and support me as the next Alberta PC leader.

This membership will give you access to run for a position on your local riding association, to take part in your local delegate selection meetings, and if elected as a delegate, to vote in the upcoming leadership election.


Jason Kenney