Telling The Truth

Honesty, respect, and unity.


Those are the values that have governed our campaign to unite Alberta since it began last July.

I have shown respect by never attacking another candidate for the PC Leadership, or for that matter Premier Notley.

I believe that we can have a respectful debate on ideas without resorting to the nasty politics of personal destruction. I have maintained a positive and respectful tone despite being called every name in the book!

And I have been completely open and honest about my plan for uniting free-enterprise Albertans so we can defeat this NDP government, and get our province back on track.

That’s why I was so disappointed to see another leadership campaign send all PC members a mean-spirited, personal attack accusing me of not knowing “the difference between right and wrong,” and “blatantly misleading members” by proposing an “illegal” plan.

It is sad to see a campaign resort to such vicious personal attacks.

I will not stoop to that level.

Instead, I will just offer you the straight facts, and let you draw your own conclusions.

FACT: If PC and Wildrose votes were combined in the 2015 election, they would have won 60 of the 87 seats in the Legislature. The NDP could win a disastrous second term if the PC and Wildrose parties split the free-enterprise vote again.

FACT: Recent polls indicate that about 75% of Alberta Progressive Conservative voters want to see a united free enterprise party, and 90% would vote for a united party. (Source:…/alberta_provincial_politi… and…/October-2016-Alberta-Provinc…)

FACT: Since launching our Unite Alberta campaign, I have proposed the creation of a NEW united free-enterprise party that brings together PC and Wildrose supporters, and Albertans who want to renew the Alberta Advantage: (Source: and

FACT: From day one, I have made it clear that the grassroots members of both parties must have the final say on whether to unite in a new free-enterprise party, because this decision is too important to be made by party insiders: (Source:…)

FACT: I have not proposed a technical merger, as my opponent claims, because I know that there would be legal impediments. Instead, I have always said that the most sensible way to unite is for PCs and Wildrosers to come together in a new, united party. The Deputy Chief Electoral Officer of Alberta just confirmed this, saying that “They can form a new party and then register under that banner and form the new party and move forward from there.” Independent legal advisors have confirmed that this plan is perfectly legal:…/default/files/legal_memo_-_me…

FACT: Uniting by creating a new party is how Brad Wall’s successful Saskatchewan Party was created, before going on to defeat the NDP three times. Premier Wall has strongly endorsed our plan to do the same thing in Alberta:

FACT: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper led the successful effort to unite the PC Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance back in 2003. He has endorsed our plan to unite Alberta:

FACT: Half of the Alberta Progressive Conservative caucus have endorsed our Unite Alberta plan, as have dozens of former PC MLAs and Ministers, and every Conservative Member of Parliament from Alberta: See:…

Here is Rona Ambrose's Endorsement of the plan to Unite Alberta:

Do you think that all of these committed Alberta Conservatives would endorse a plan that is "misleading" and "illegal," to use my opponent's words?

I respect my opponents in the PC Leadership Election and understand that they and others have legitimate questions and concerns about the idea of uniting free enterprise Albertans. I am always happy to answer such questions in a respectful way, rather than engaging in name-calling.