Stopping the NDP Carbon Tax

Since Jason Kenney launched his bid to Unite Alberta, one issue has come up every day — the NDP carbon tax.

This multibillion dollar carbon tax on everything was not mentioned in the NDP's election platform. It's no surprise they kept their plan hidden — it's massively unpopular. 82% of small business owners are opposed, and we stand with them.

Help us fight back. Sign our petition to stop the NDP carbon tax!

The NDP didn't receive a mandate to massively raise our taxes, and it's the most pressing example of why four years of NDP rule is four years too many.

At a time when Alberta's economy is struggling, the NDP has found a way to make a bad situation worse.

This is why it's so important for us to come together and Unite Alberta. We must unite free-enterprise Albertans under a single party — or we risk losing another election to this accidental NDP government.

Albertans have always come together in difficult times to make it work — this is one of those times.

Job one for a united, free-enterprise party, if elected, will be to repeal the carbon tax.

Join us today and sign our petition to stop the NDP carbon tax.

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