Statement on Floor Crossing

I join Progressive Conservative Leader Ric McIver in wishing Calgary-North West MLA Sandra Jansen well in the future, and thanking her for her past service within the PC Caucus. I respect Ms. Jansen personally, and fully understand that sometimes elected officials' political convictions change. I hope that those who disagree with her decision will express their views with civility.

Ms. Jansen was elected as a candidate for a free-enterprise party just eighteen months ago. She has now joined a socialist party whose ideological polices are inflicting real economic damage on her Calgary constituents. Ms. Jansen owes it to those constituents to let them decide in a by-election whether they should be represented by someone voting for higher taxes, including the carbon tax, as a member of the NDP government. Given that the NDP has won an average of 7% of the vote in Calgary Northwest since 1993, I suspect that her constituents would not endorse the NDP’s anti-growth policies, if given the chance.