Six reasons why Albertans should choose Jason Kenney

On October 28th, members of the new United Conservative Party will elect a new leader who will lead our party into the next election – here are six reasons why Albertans should choose Jason Kenney:

1. He’s a staunch fiscal conservative.

In the early 1990s, Jason Kenney was the founding director of the Alberta Taxpayers Association, and later the president and CEO of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.  Working with other strong fiscal conservatives like former premier Ralph Klein, Jason Kenney helped convince Albertans that we needed to cut spending, lower taxes, and get our province’s fiscal house in order.  Those tough decisions paid off as Alberta enjoyed two decades of prosperity and became the only province to be debt free.

2. He’s a democratic reformer.

Since he was a young Reform MP, Jason Kenney has been a constant supporter for democratic reform, including support for recall and direct democracy initiatives.  He knows that everyday voters must be able to recall MLAs who failed to represent their constituents.  In fact, his strong support for democratic reform policies is the key reason why former Wildrose leader and democracy advocate Paul Hinman chose to back Jason in this leadership race.

3. He’s consistent and stands by his principles.

All too often in politics, we see politicians abandoning their principles because it’s politically convenient or because the media have pressured them into changing course.  Jason is a principled conservative who stands behind his principles, no matter what headwinds in the media he might be facing.  Since first announcing his intention to lead the United Conservative Party, Jason has said he believes parents must play a key role in their children’s education – despite pressure from special interests and media pundits, Jason hasn’t wavered on his commitment to keep parents involved in education decisions that affect their kids.

4. He doesn’t mince words.

Lots of politicians pander to win votes, but few have the courage to say what they really believe, even if it means losing some people’s votes.  Recently, Jason went on talk radio to answer questions from everyday Albertans.  One caller asked if, as Premier, Jason would create a program to subsidize Albertans who wanted to install solar panels on their homes.  Jason’s answer was straightforward and to the point – he told the caller “No, we’re broke”.  It’s that kind of honesty and candour that’s been missing from Alberta politics.

5. He believes that the grassroots should control our party.

Unlike other candidates who want to impose their policies on the party before its members are even consulted, Jason believes that grassroots members should be in the driver’s seat.  Through Jason’s Grassroots Policy Pledge, he’s committed to adopt the policies put forward by grassroots members at our founding policy convention, and then use those policies to craft an election platform.  When it comes to empowering the grassroots, Jason believes it’s time for our leaders to do more listening and less telling.

6. He’s why we have conservative unity.

When Jason launched his unity bid in Summer 2017, many believed it was an impossible goal and even spoke out against it.  Jason knew that conservative unity was crucial to ensure the NDP wouldn’t win a second term, so he rolled up his sleeves and sold unity to Albertans across the province.  Like most Albertans, Jason isn’t afraid of hard work, or taking on a challenging goal – when he commits to a cause, he gives it his all.  And that’s why we have a new United Conservative Party today, because of the tireless work of Jason Kenney.


Can Jason count on your vote? Become a member by September 29th at 5PM to vote for Jason.