PC MLA Dave Rodney Endorses Jason Kenney For Leader

PC MLA Dave Rodney Endorses Jason Kenney For Leader

Calgary, AB — Today PCAA MLA for Calgary-Lougheed & House Leader, Dave Rodney, endorsed Jason Kenney for leader of PC Alberta. Rodney joins 3 other sitting MLAs and more than 50 former MLAs in endorsing Kenney for PC leader.

“After countless consultations with constituents, it has become obvious to me that Albertans want a united alternative to the NDP before the next election. I’ve enjoyed the good fortune of knowing Jason since before I was first elected in 2004, and I appreciate that he is completely dedicated to our province. I respect Jason’s record as a successful federal cabinet minister, and look forward to him bringing that same level of professionalism, competence, and passion as leader of PC Alberta. As the only current PC MLA elected with Ralph Klein, I fondly recall when conservatives shared the same party. Now is the time to bring Albertans back together,” said Rodney.

“I continue to be grateful for the support within the PC caucus. As the longest serving PC MLA, Dave’s support is critical for me to move forward on unity. Given Dave’s decades-long service to this province and party, I like to refer to him as the ‘Dean’ of the PC caucus. Dave is absolutely right: it’s time to bring conservatives back together,” said Kenney.

Rodney joins PC MLAs Mike Ellis, Prab Gill, and Richard Gotfried, who have all endorsed Kenney and his bid to unite free-enterprise Albertans into a broad, open, and diverse coalition before the next provincial election.

“I’m pleased to see my caucus colleagues joining together to endorse Jason’s plan for unity,” said Calgary-West MLA Mike Ellis.

“As one of the newest members of the PC Caucus, I’m encouraged to see a party stalwart like Dave endorse Jason. I know I made the right decision,” said Calgary-Greenway MLA Prab Gill.

“My constituents were thrilled to see me endorse Jason because they see unity as the only way to get rid of this disastrous NDP. I’m absolutely certain that Dave’s constituents will be just as enthusiastic,” said Calgary-Fish Creek MLA Richard Gotfried.

With Rodney’s endorsement, Kenney now has the support of half of the PC caucus.

Delegate selection meetings continue throughout January and February. The next PC Alberta leader will be chosen at a convention in Calgary on March 18, 2017.