Unite Alberta



October 1 marks the official beginning of the PC Alberta Leadership race.

In order for this website to comply with Elections Alberta, we will be transitioning to a new server. In the meantime, we need to secure 500 signatures for Jason Kenney’s nomination.

If you support Jason’s bid to unite Alberta, please fill in the attached form. This will provide you a copy of the PC Alberta Leadership Nomination Papers which you can download, sign, scan and send back to us at info@jasonkenney.com 

You will need a current PC membership, and your PC Alberta membership number in order to sign Jason’s papers.

To find the region of the province that PC Alberta has classified your provincial constituency as being in, please click here.


You can find your membership number by searching for the term "PC Alberta E-Membership Card" in your inbox. If you can’t find it there, you can contact PC Alberta and ask them to provide it to you here. https://www.pcalberta.org/ContactUs

Please stay tuned to this website for more updates as they become available.