No Carbon Taxes - Ever!

Jason Kenney has always unequivocally, unconditionally, clearly and passionately opposed carbon taxes. The same can’t be said for every candidate in the United Conservative leadership race…

When Liberal Leader Stephane Dion promised to impose a job-killing carbon tax on Albertans nearly a decade ago, Jason tapped to lead the fight against the tax.

That’s why when columnist Kevin Libin declared Jason “Canada’s fiercest carbon-tax killer,” Albertans were excited. In Jason Kenney, Albertans finally have a principled conservative leader who will not only cancel the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax, but will also protect Albertans from new carbon taxes in the future.

Jason sees a carbon tax, of any kind, for what it is. In his own words, it’s “a massive tax on everything, the perfect illustration of socialist ideology” and “a massive wealth distribution scheme requiring a massive bureaucracy to administer.” In short, it’s all economic pain with no environmental gain.

Jason has a plan to restore the Alberta Advantage and get our economy roaring again. A central part of that plan is scrapping the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax and making sure it’s not replaced with a ‘shinier’ new one in the future. Investors need to know that under Jason Kenney Alberta will once again be open for business, and that means no carbon taxes - ever!

Politicians who support or waffle on carbon taxes just don’t get it: of all the taxes imagined by government, a carbon tax is probably the most economically damaging... When companies look to establish roots in new places, one of the most important things they consider is the long-term stability of the local economy. A carbon tax (or even the possibility of one!) is a big black mark against Alberta.

As Premier, Jason Kenney will erase that black mark and replace it with a giant blue check mark! It’s all part of his plan to defeat the NDP and restore the Alberta Advantage.

Real conservatives always say no to carbon taxes. In the United Conservative leadership race, vote for a real conservative, Jason Kenney.