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How high will NDP carbon tax go?

There’s just under a month until the NDP’s job-killing carbon taxes begins hitting hard-working Albertans in their wallets. One month until the price of everything from gas & diesel, home heating, and even groceries starts going up because of the NDP’s carbon tax. Read more

There is time to unite Alberta

I’ve heard a few people suggest there’s not enough time to bring free-enterprise Albertans back into one big tent – that it’s just too hard to successfully pull off a merger of the PC Party and the Wildrose parties. It seems that those people have forgotten about the successful merger that created the Conservative Party of Canada. Read more

Jason Kenney Endorsed By Over 50 Former PC MLAs

Calgary, AB--52 former Progressive Conservative MLAs and Ministers have endorsed PC Leadership Candidate Jason Kenney and his campaign to achieve unite free-enterprise Albertans. Read more

Statement on Ruling from PCAA CRO

We are disappointed, but will comply with the decision of the PCAA CRO forcing another delegate selection meeting in Edmonton Ellerslie. Our campaign has sought at all times to comply with the rules laid out for the leadership election.  Read more

Statement on Floor Crossing

I join Progressive Conservative Leader Ric McIver in wishing Calgary-North West MLA Sandra Jansen well in the future, and thanking her for her past service within the PC Caucus. I respect Ms. Jansen personally, and fully understand that sometimes elected officials' political convictions change. I hope that those who disagree with her decision will express their views with civility. Read more

Edmonton Ellerslie DSM

Great news tonight! Jason’s campaign won all 15 delegate spots in the leadership race’s first Delegate Selection Meeting (DSM), in Edmonton Ellerslie. Now you might be hearing about some alleged ‘controversy’ from those opposing our efforts to unite Albertans. Let us provide some clarity.  First, Jason at no time went inside the room where the DSM was being held. Jason was briefly inside the Mill Woods Golf Course clubhouse – the larger building within which the DSM was being held – because local supporters had asked to meet him before the DSM began, in a different part of the building.  The guidelines state that the candidate is not to be “near” a room where a DSM is being held.  What does “near” mean? 10 metres? 100 metres? 1 kilometre? Is the candidate barred from the larger building entirely – a building... Read more

Jason Kenney Receives Ukrainian Order of Merit

October 23, 2016- Edmonton, AlbertaOn Saturday evening Progressive Conservative leadership candidate, the Honourable Jason Kenney, received the Ukrainian Order of Merit at the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council’s annual Hetman Awards ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta. Mr. Kenney was first informed of this honour during a visit with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in August in Kyiv, and his appointment was announced during celebrations of Ukraine’s twenty-fifth anniversary of independence. The Order was bestowed in recognition of Kenney’s years of support for Ukraine, through diplomatic and military efforts. “I am deeply honoured to receive this recognition from the President of Ukraine. I have always been proud to stand with Ukraine, which for too long has been an underdog of modern history, but which is emerging with great hope for the future thanks to the sacrifices of the heroes of the Maidan movement.... Read more

Albertans Deserve Better

Jason Kenney's Response to Premier Notley's 'State of the Province' Address "The Premier’s message today demonstrated that the NDP government is out of touch with economic reality of Alberta today. Everywhere I go I meet Albertans who are hurting, who have lost their jobs, homes, and businesses. These are people who have survived the ups and downs of the economy, but are not surviving the anti-growth agenda of this NDP government. Since the Premier gave her last State of the Province address in November 2015, 61,000 more Albertans have lost full-time jobs, and the provincial unemployment rate increased by 23%." Read more

Liberals Again Deny ISIS Genocide

Ottawa – The Trudeau Liberal Government still refuses to recognize the reality of the genocide being committed by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Read more

Jason Kenney Calls for Action on Fentanyl Crisis

Today Calgary Midnapore MP Jason Kenney called for stronger action to address the fentanyl crisis in Alberta. Since the beginning of 2015, some 430 Albertans have died from fentanyl overdoses. “This deadly drug fentanyl is plaguing Western Canada. We need to send a message to the drug pushers who are poisoning Canadians. Fentanyl is tantamount to a death sentence for the user – and the dealers know this,” Kenney said during Question Period in the House of Commons. “We need action from all levels of government to stop this growing fentanyl crisis. But Alberta’s NDP government seems unwilling to lead the fight, and Liberals MPs just blocked an effort by Conservative MP Len Webber to conduct an urgent study on fentanyl at the Commons Health Committee," Kenney said. “I call on the federal government to take action by legislating tough... Read more

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