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Five Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Fears Jason Kenney Winning the UCP Leadership

Justin Trudeau DOES NOT want Jason Kenney to win the United Conservative Leadership. Jason Kenney as a strong conservative Alberta Premier? That’s Trudeau’s worst nightmare. Here are five reasons why: 1) Jason Kenney Knows How to Campaign Jason Kenney has never lost an election. Having been elected to Parliament 7 times, secured the PC leadership with a commanding 76% first ballot victory, and led the conservative movement to massive referendum wins for unity, Jason is a proven electoral winner. In 2019, Alberta’s provincial election will be held before the federal election. If Premier Jason Kenney decides to roll up his sleeves and go to work defeating Justin Trudeau, that could be bad news for the Ottawa Liberals… 2) Jason Kenney Has Gone Up Against Trudeau Before (And Won!) As a federal MP, Jason has sparred with Justin Trudeau in the...

Four Times Jason Kenney Stood Up for Rural Alberta

When it comes to standing up for rural Alberta, Jason Kenney’s record speaks for itself. Four times Jason Kenney stood up for rural Alberta: 1) Scrapped the Long Gun Registry After years of opposing the Liberal long gun registry and fighting tooth and nail to scrap it, Jason finally got the chance when he voted in favour of the Harper government’s Bill C-19 in February of 2012. Bill C-19 repealed the wasteful and ineffective Liberal long gun registry and showed law-abiding gun owners they wouldn’t be treated like common criminals any longer. 2) Dismantled the Canadian Wheat Board Alberta’s farmers are entrepreneurial. For years they called on the federal government to allow them to sell their product on their own – as much as they want, wherever they want! Unfortunately for them, Liberals in Ottawa ignored their plea. That all...

Experience Matters

This race is about more than choosing our first United Conservative leader. It’s about choosing our next Premier. That’s why it’s so important we get it right. Alberta is counting on us. When choosing a Premier, experience matters. Our current NDP government is a perfect example of what can happen when inexperienced leaders fill critical roles. Things can get ugly. Yes, the NDP is wrong on the issues. But they are also in way over their heads! Jason Kenney is, by far, the most experienced candidate running to lead the United Conservative Party. Other candidates bring a lot to the table and it’s encouraging to know they are so invested in the long-term success of our Party, but Jason is the only candidate ready to be Premier on Day One. Jason has been at the center of government before. As...

Five People Who Are Terrified of Jason Kenney Becoming UCP Leader

Tens of thousands of Albertans are supporting Jason Kenney in his bid to be the first Leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party. His base of support runs deep and wide across our province, but there are a few people who definitely don’t want Jason Kenney leading the UCP. Here are five: 1) Alberta’s Premier You can bet your bottom dollar the Premier and her NDP ‘comrades’ started panicking the day Jason Kenney launched his project to unite Alberta. The Premier knows a United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney will render the NDP “one and done!” 2) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Jason Kenney has gone up against Justin Trudeau before – and won. On the floor of the House of Commons Kenney schooled Trudeau on everything from carbon taxes, to immigration, to combatting terrorism. As Alberta’s Premier, Jason Kenney represents...

Trudeau’s Worst Nightmare: Premier Jason Kenney

Across Alberta, everyone is talking about the United Conservative Leadership race and who will be our next Premier. You can bet it’s a hot topic in the rest of Canada too! After all, Alberta has a long history of electing conservative premiers like Ralph Klein, who stand tall on the national stage and fight for what’s ours. Although he’ll never admit it, one person who is probably paying a lot of attention to our leadership election is Justin Trudeau. And you can be sure that when it comes to Jason Kenney’s campaign, he doesn’t like what he sees. Premier Jason Kenney would be Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare. That’s because Justin Trudeau has gone up against Jason Kenney before. Trudeau has seen first-hand what Jason is capable of. Jason’s premiership represents a major roadblock for Trudeau – and he...

Getting Back to Basics in Alberta’s Classrooms

One of the toughest and most important jobs in Jason Kenney’s United Conservative government will be the Minister of Education. That’s because we have a lot of work to do to get politics out of the classroom. It’s time to restore tried, true, and tested teaching methods. It happens too often these days – a young student comes home and accuses their parents of killing the planet. Why? Because they work in the oil patch. That’s so wrong. We need to end the anti-Alberta brainwashing of our kids in schools and get back to basics in the education system. The NDP have it backwards. Instead of teaching our kids how to be engaged public citizens with well-developed critical thinking skills, they’re trying to indoctrinate Alberta’s students with their own backwards socialist ideology. This must change. Jason Kenney has made it...

Jason Kenney challenges Alberta Premier to step up and defend Alberta

October 5, 2017 (Calgary, Alberta)—Today, Jason Kenney responded to TransCanada’s cancellation of Energy East, calling on the Alberta NDP to cancel it’s planned increase to their job-killing carbon tax, and demanded that the federal government remove upstream and downstream emissions tests from National Energy Board pipeline assessments. Kenney also reaffirmed his commitment to hold a referendum that would force the federal government to renegotiate Canada’s unfair equalization formula, which punishes Alberta for being rich in non-renewable resources. Quotes for attribution “Energy East was an opportunity to make Canada energy independent, instead of importing conflict oil from countries that fund terrorism. The announcement of TransCanada to cancel Energy East is a reflection of the Trudeau Liberals undermining Alberta’s energy sector and is a clear reaction to the National Energy Board's (NEB) overreach. The mandate of the NEB that expanded the review...

Jeff Callaway, UCP Leadership candidate endorses Jason Kenney for Leader of the United Conservatives

October 4, 2017 (Red Deer, Alberta)—Today, former Wildrose President and UCP leadership candidate Jeff Callaway endorsed Jason Kenney for UCP Leader at the Funhaus in Red Deer. Quotes for attribution “Having served as the Wildrose President and working for unity, Jeff demonstrates a strong commitment to grassroots ideas and members. Jeff is a man of integrity, depth of character and understands that unity will only work if we park the egos. Throughout the campaign Jeff has provided thoughtful and solid ideas to get Alberta back on track. The previous leadership of the party lost sight of who they serve, something that won’t happen again. With the support of Jeff, we will work to defeat the NDP in 2019, and have a government that is on the side of Albertans.” - Jason Kenney, UCP Leadership candidate “Jason talks about listening to...

Defend Alberta Coal

Justin Trudeau and his Alberta NDP friends want to pull the plug on our province’s coal industry. That’s just wrong. It means thousands of direct job losses, hundreds of closed manufacturing plants and other businesses, and more taxpayer-funded subsidy schemes for other expensive energy sources. Not to mention the destruction of coal communities like Forestburg, Hanna, and Wabamun. It’s a recipe for disaster. And it just doesn’t make sense! Alberta’s clean coal technology produces Alberta’s most affordable form of electricity. Its reliable, environmentally efficient and modern. Homes and businesses across our province benefit from this low-cost energy. Gutting our coal industry, like Trudeau and the NDP want to do, will only make electricity far more expensive and our province even less competitive than it is now! We need a Premier who will defend Alberta coal. Leading a United Conservative government,...

No Carbon Taxes - Ever!

Jason Kenney has always unequivocally, unconditionally, clearly and passionately opposed carbon taxes. The same can’t be said for every candidate in the United Conservative leadership race… When Liberal Leader Stephane Dion promised to impose a job-killing carbon tax on Albertans nearly a decade ago, Jason tapped to lead the fight against the tax. That’s why when columnist Kevin Libin declared Jason “Canada’s fiercest carbon-tax killer,” Albertans were excited. In Jason Kenney, Albertans finally have a principled conservative leader who will not only cancel the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax, but will also protect Albertans from new carbon taxes in the future. Jason sees a carbon tax, of any kind, for what it is. In his own words, it’s “a massive tax on everything, the perfect illustration of socialist ideology” and “a massive wealth distribution scheme requiring a massive bureaucracy to administer.”...

Deep-Six Bill 6

Let’s cut right to the chase. As Premier, Jason Kenney will repeal the NDP’s ideological attack on farmers and ranchers, otherwise known as Bill 6. Rest assured, a United Conservative government led by Jason Kenney will deep-six Bill 6. There are a lot of problems with Bill 6. For one, the NDP imposed this heavy-handed new law without consulting farmers and ranchers. Of course, no amount of consultation would have made up for the fact that, for too many, Bill 6 is simply another example of government-knows-best interference. We could say more, but at the end of the day it comes down to one simple point: Bill 6 proves the NDP have no respect, understanding or appreciation for the values and traditions that made Alberta strong. Since Alberta was founded, generations of hardworking farmers and ranchers have provided for our...

Six reasons why Albertans should choose Jason Kenney

On October 28th, members of the new United Conservative Party will elect a new leader who will lead our party into the next election – here are six reasons why Albertans should choose Jason Kenney: 1. He’s a staunch fiscal conservative. In the early 1990s, Jason Kenney was the founding director of the Alberta Taxpayers Association, and later the president and CEO of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.  Working with other strong fiscal conservatives like former premier Ralph Klein, Jason Kenney helped convince Albertans that we needed to cut spending, lower taxes, and get our province’s fiscal house in order.  Those tough decisions paid off as Alberta enjoyed two decades of prosperity and became the only province to be debt free. 2. He’s a democratic reformer. Since he was a young Reform MP, Jason Kenney has been a constant supporter for...

Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA, Scott Cyr endorses Jason Kenney for leader of the United Conservatives

Calgary, AB - September 25, 2017 — Today, Jason Kenney received the endorsement from Bonnyville-Cold Lake, MLA Scott Cyr. With Cyr's endorsement, Jason has now received 11 endorsements from both former Wildrose and PC MLAs, and is the only candidate to have endorsements from both legacy parties. Quotes for attribution “As a former accountant, Scott has consistently defended fiscal responsibility and respect for taxpayer dollars. I applaud his efforts to bring fiscal accountability to the Legislature as a member of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and to the Wildrose Caucus office. Scott will be a valuable part of the team as we work to bring Alberta’s finances back to balance.” - Jason Kenney, UCP Candidate “I am supporting Jason because I firmly believe that he is the only one with the right experience to bring fiscal responsibility back to...

Former Wildrose Alliance Leader, Paul Hinman endorses Jason Kenney for leader of the United Conservatives

September 25, 2017 (Calgary, AB) —On Saturday, September 23, 2017, United Conservative Leadership candidate, Jason Kenney, received the support of former MLA and Wildrose Alliance leader, Paul Hinman. Quotes for attribution “I am grateful to receive the support from former MLA and the first leader of the Wildrose Alliance, Paul Hinman. Paul represents grassroot, not top-down approach to policy development. The UCP was created with the overwhelming support of grassroots members, and going forward it should be the members who decide policy, not its leader.” - Jason Kenney, UCP candidate “Jason best embodies the grassroots elected representative philosophy that started Wildrose. He rightly recognizes that it’s not his role as leader to dictate policy for the UCP. Jason recognizes that a good leader listens. That power lies with you, the grassroots members.” - Paul Hinman

Battle River-Wainwright MLA, Wes Taylor endorses Jason Kenney for leader of the United Conservatives

Calgary, AB —September 25, 2017 - Today, Jason Kenney received the endorsement from Battle River-Wainwright, MLA Wes Taylor. With Taylor’s endorsement, Jason has now received 10 endorsements from both former Wildrose and PC MLAs, and is the only candidate to have endorsements from both legacy parties. Quotes for Attribution “I am incredibly grateful to receive Wes’s support. He has a long history of public service and has always shown great dedication to his constituents. As a former teacher, Wes will be able to provide valuable advice on how to reverse the NDP’s ideologically-driven curriculum changes.” - Jason Kenney, UCP candidate“I am confident Jason is the best candidate to defeat the NDP in 2019, and has the experience and ability to immediately begin work on getting Alberta back on track. Jason is the leader Alberta needs right now. With his experience going against...

UCP Leadership Candidate Jason Kenney Condemns NDP Silence

UCP Leadership Candidate Jason Kenney Condemns NDP Silence Calgary, AB (September 22, 2017)–Today, United Conservative Party leadership candidate Jason Kenney condemned the NDP Government's silence on the Trudeau Liberals’ tax attack on small business.“The Liberal Premier of Nova Scotia, along with the Premiers of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, have all joined the chorus of entrepreneurs denouncing the Trudeau Liberals small business tax attack. Unfortunately, Alberta’s NDP has been virtually silent on this matter,” said Kenney.NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci was directly asked by radio show host Ryan Jesperson to take a position on the Trudeau Liberals changes, and he refused (full transcript below). "As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, this NDP government is more often than not acting as a lapdog for the Trudeau Liberals in Ottawa. Now more than ever, Albertans need a leader to stand up to the Trudeau Liberals continuous and relentless...

Three Calgary MLAs endorse Jason Kenney for UCP Leader

Three Calgary MLAs endorse Jason Kenney for Leader of the United ConservativesSeptember 20, 2017 (Calgary, AB)–Today, Dave Rodney (Calgary-Lougheed), Prab Gill (Calgary-Greenway), and Prasad Panda (Calgary-Foothills) endorsed Jason for leader of the United Conservatives. Kenney is the only candidate to receive MLA endorsements from both the legacy PC and Wildrose parties.Quotes for Attribution “I am incredibly grateful to receive the support from Dave, Prab and Prasad. They demonstrate a strong commitment to conservative free-enterprise beliefs and dedication to their respective Calgary constituents. To have multiple endorsements from MLAs in both legacy Wildrose and PC parties is a testament to our big-tent campaign.Having served under Ralph Klein, Dave has a long history of public service. Dave stands for the same conservative values of fiscal restraint and lower taxes as Ralph did. His support here today sends a message that we need to control spending...

VIDEO: UCP Leadership Debate

United Conservative Party Leadership debate at Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta.

Two MLAs endorse Jason Kenney for Leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP)

Calgary, AB - September 13, 2017 - Today Calgary-Hays MLA, Ric McIver, and Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre MLA, Jason Nixon, both endorsed Jason Kenney for Leader of the United Conservative Party. 

Grassroots Policy Guarantee

CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY A little over a year ago I launched our unity campaign by signing a Grassroots Guarantee, stating that “A new united party will only be created if approved by a clear majority of grassroots party members in a fair and open referendum.”

Jason Kenney - United Conservative Leadership Launch Speech

Notes for Remarks by Hon Jason Kenney July 29, 2017 ***Check Against Delivery Thank you, Kathleen and Kaycee!

Jason Kenney's Victory Speech at the 2017 PC Leadership Convention

 Jason Kenney - March 18th, 2017. 5:30 PM   Thank you very much. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, friends. Thank you, Katherine. Thank you, Richard, and Byron. Thanks to all of you for sending a message that this party has decided to work with all Albertans to take our province back. Today we have chosen the future. Today we have chosen hope. Today we have chosen unity. Today it's spring time in Alberta. This sends a message to our fellow Albertans who are struggling to those 200,000 Albertans looking for work. We are going to ensure that there is a government on your side. Today this great party has acted with courage and vision to in the words of Ralph Klein to stop arguing about history and instead to make history. You have sent a clear message: today...

Jason Kenney's Second Speech at the 2017 PC Leadership Convention

Jason Kenney - March 18th, 2017. 12:00 PM.    Today feels like spring in Alberta. Today we are beginning the hard work of restoring a hope, for hard working and challenged Albertans. Today we send a message to our fellow citizens: if they are struggling if they are going through a time of adversity, that hope and help is on the horizon. Thank you so much to my dear friend, Rona, one of my very best friends in all my years of public service both politically and personally. I'm so proud to call Rona a friend, but I have a confession to make. I was proud to support Rona - in fact I think help to recruit her - to be the interim leader of our federal party. But I have to say I now regret doing so, because instead...

Jason Kenney's First Speech at the 2017 PC Leadership Convention

Jason Kenney - March 17th, 2017. 6:30 PM.   Thank you. Thank you ladies and gentleman.  Thank you fellow Albertans.  Thank-you, Bianca and happy St. patrick’s day everybody.  I can feel the energy in this room and this energy is going to help us get this province back on track.  In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, let me tell you an Irish tale. In 1912, a poor Irish family left County Kildare Like so many before them, they had little more than a dream.  They crossed an ocean, and then a continent, to begin a new life at a place strangely called Medicine Hat, in the new province of Alberta.  Like most Irish families, it was a matriarchy, headed by a formidable woman named Kate O’Callaghan. (A name as Irish as our formidable President Katherine O’Neill).  Kate’s husband, Kate’s husband...

UPDATE: Unity Discussion Group Announced

EDMONTON, AB (March 24, 2017): Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and PC Party Leader Jason Kenney announced the composition of the unity discussion group, along with a timeline for the group to report back to the memberships of both parties.

Legal Memorandum - Alberta Conservative Consolidation Committee

Attached below is the legal Memorandum from the Alberta Conservative Consolidation Committee on how we should unite conservatives.  Click here for the document.

Statement from Jason Kenney regarding motion to disqualify him from PC Leadership race

“I am disappointed that a special meeting of the PC Party’s Board has been called to consider a motion to disqualify me as a candidate, just days after a similar effort was rejected unanimously by the Leadership Election Committee. 

Telling The Truth

Honesty, respect, and unity.  

Statement from Jason Kenney on the Quebec City Terrorist Attack

We have been shocked to the core to witness the unspeakable murder of six innocent Canadians in Quebec City this week in the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur on our soil. 

PC MLA Dave Rodney Endorses Jason Kenney For Leader

Calgary, AB — Today PCAA MLA for Calgary-Lougheed & House Leader, Dave Rodney, endorsed Jason Kenney for leader of PC Alberta. Rodney joins 3 other sitting MLAs and more than 50 former MLAs in endorsing Kenney for PC leader.

Jason Kenney Respond's to Trudeau's Oilsands 'Phase Out' Attack

Today, Justin Trudeau said he wants to "phase out" Alberta's oil sands. Let's be clear what he's talking about: The oil sands represent trillions of dollars of future wealth for Canadians. That's our ability to pay for future pensions and healthcare, for infrastructure and education and it also represents hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs for working middle income Canadian families. But, more than that, every expert agrees that global demand for oil and gas is going to continue to grow for decades to come. 

Town Halls Across Alberta Building Momentum

This week’s packed town hall in Calgary was an incredible success, and we thank everyone  who came out. We had planned for about 200, but enthusiasm was overwhelming, and, in the end, over 800 Calgarians joined us. Jason had the chance to speak directly to Albertans about his plan to unite Alberta into a single free-enterprise party.

Richard Gotfried, MLA Calgary-Fish Creek, Supports Jason Kenney for Leader of the PCAA

Calgary, Alberta, January 11, 2017 - Richard Gotfried, Progressive Conservative MLA for Calgary-Fish Creek, has endorsed Jason Kenney for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. Gotfried and dozens of his supporters joined the Kenney team at a Calgary rally attended by more than 700 people working to unite Albertans into a single free-enterprise party conservative movement. 

Trinity Statement

"I am pleased by news that parents of the Trinity Christian School Association will be able to continue providing their children with the education of their choosing.  As I stated at the time of Trinity’s revocation, I was deeply troubled that thousands of students and their caring families were blindsided and cast into uncertainty by the NDP’s unilateral action.

Happy New Year

We want to thank the thousands of Jason Kenney supporters who made 2016 incredibly successful by exceeding our most optimistic expectations. Thank you.

Alberta is a place where if you work hard, you can realize your potential

What a week it’s been. Jason began his unity tour over 5 months ago, and in that time he’s visited nearly every constituency in Alberta. This tour has been an absolute blast, and a tremendous opportunity to meet all the wonderful people who make this province great. We have had the chance to meet with everyone from the World Mini Saddle Bronc champions to the Tibetan community of Calgary, and at every encounter Jason gets the opportunity to listen to what was important to Albertans. 

Weekly Recap

Our Unite Alberta movement had plenty going on this week, and wanted to take this time to update Albertans on what our team has been up to.

How high will NDP carbon tax go?

There’s just under a month until the NDP’s job-killing carbon taxes begins hitting hard-working Albertans in their wallets. One month until the price of everything from gas & diesel, home heating, and even groceries starts going up because of the NDP’s carbon tax.

There is time to unite Alberta

I’ve heard a few people suggest there’s not enough time to bring free-enterprise Albertans back into one big tent – that it’s just too hard to successfully pull off a merger of the PC Party and the Wildrose parties. It seems that those people have forgotten about the successful merger that created the Conservative Party of Canada.

Jason Kenney Endorsed By Over 50 Former PC MLAs

Calgary, AB--52 former Progressive Conservative MLAs and Ministers have endorsed PC Leadership Candidate Jason Kenney and his campaign to achieve unite free-enterprise Albertans.

Statement on Ruling from PCAA CRO

We are disappointed, but will comply with the decision of the PCAA CRO forcing another delegate selection meeting in Edmonton Ellerslie. Our campaign has sought at all times to comply with the rules laid out for the leadership election. 

Statement on Floor Crossing

I join Progressive Conservative Leader Ric McIver in wishing Calgary-North West MLA Sandra Jansen well in the future, and thanking her for her past service within the PC Caucus. I respect Ms. Jansen personally, and fully understand that sometimes elected officials' political convictions change. I hope that those who disagree with her decision will express their views with civility.

Edmonton Ellerslie DSM

Great news tonight! Jason’s campaign won all 15 delegate spots in the leadership race’s first Delegate Selection Meeting (DSM), in Edmonton Ellerslie. Now you might be hearing about some alleged ‘controversy’ from those opposing our efforts to unite Albertans. Let us provide some clarity.  First, Jason at no time went inside the room where the DSM was being held. Jason was briefly inside the Mill Woods Golf Course clubhouse – the larger building within which the DSM was being held – because local supporters had asked to meet him before the DSM began, in a different part of the building.  The guidelines state that the candidate is not to be “near” a room where a DSM is being held.  What does “near” mean? 10 metres? 100 metres? 1 kilometre? Is the candidate barred from the larger building entirely – a building...

Jason Kenney Receives Ukrainian Order of Merit

October 23, 2016- Edmonton, AlbertaOn Saturday evening Progressive Conservative leadership candidate, the Honourable Jason Kenney, received the Ukrainian Order of Merit at the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council’s annual Hetman Awards ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta. Mr. Kenney was first informed of this honour during a visit with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in August in Kyiv, and his appointment was announced during celebrations of Ukraine’s twenty-fifth anniversary of independence. The Order was bestowed in recognition of Kenney’s years of support for Ukraine, through diplomatic and military efforts. “I am deeply honoured to receive this recognition from the President of Ukraine. I have always been proud to stand with Ukraine, which for too long has been an underdog of modern history, but which is emerging with great hope for the future thanks to the sacrifices of the heroes of the Maidan movement....

Albertans Deserve Better

Jason Kenney's Response to Premier Notley's 'State of the Province' Address "The Premier’s message today demonstrated that the NDP government is out of touch with economic reality of Alberta today. Everywhere I go I meet Albertans who are hurting, who have lost their jobs, homes, and businesses. These are people who have survived the ups and downs of the economy, but are not surviving the anti-growth agenda of this NDP government. Since the Premier gave her last State of the Province address in November 2015, 61,000 more Albertans have lost full-time jobs, and the provincial unemployment rate increased by 23%."

Liberals Again Deny ISIS Genocide

Ottawa – The Trudeau Liberal Government still refuses to recognize the reality of the genocide being committed by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Jason Kenney Calls for Action on Fentanyl Crisis

Today Calgary Midnapore MP Jason Kenney called for stronger action to address the fentanyl crisis in Alberta. Since the beginning of 2015, some 430 Albertans have died from fentanyl overdoses. “This deadly drug fentanyl is plaguing Western Canada. We need to send a message to the drug pushers who are poisoning Canadians. Fentanyl is tantamount to a death sentence for the user – and the dealers know this,” Kenney said during Question Period in the House of Commons. “We need action from all levels of government to stop this growing fentanyl crisis. But Alberta’s NDP government seems unwilling to lead the fight, and Liberals MPs just blocked an effort by Conservative MP Len Webber to conduct an urgent study on fentanyl at the Commons Health Committee," Kenney said. “I call on the federal government to take action by legislating tough...

My friend, Jason Kenney

On Friday, I was proud to stand beside my friend Jason Kenney and support his bid for Alberta PC leader, as well as his campaign to unite Albertans under a single, free-enterprise party. As a PC MLA who was re-elected in 2015, I've spent the past few months speaking with my constituents about the future of Alberta. They tell me two things. First, that a second NDP term would be a disaster for Alberta. Second, that the PCs and Wildrose need to get their act together. The PC leadership race is a clear referendum on unity, and I am throwing my full support behind Jason's plan for a united alternative to the NDP. Jason is also counting on your support. There is no other candidate for Alberta PC leader who wants to unite with the Wildrose Party. If he doesn't...

PC MLA Mike Ellis Endorses Jason Kenney

Today Progressive Conservative MLA Mike Ellis endorsed Jason Kenney for party Leader. “I fully support Jason Kenney’s bid for PC leader, as well as his campaign to unite Albertans under a single, conservative party,” Ellis said. “Jason has proven over the past two decades that he is a dedicated public servant who loves our province. There is no one better to lead the charge.” “I have spent the past few months speaking with my constituents about the future of Alberta. First, they tell me that a second NDP term would damage the economic future of this province for at least a generation. They also tell me that the PCs and Wildrose need to get their act together before the next election” Ellis said. “I think this PC leadership race is a clear referendum on unity, and I am throwing my full support behind Jason’s plan for a united alternative to the NDP,” said Ellis. “NDP policies are making life more difficult for Alberta families with tax increase after tax increase. I’m worried that two competing conservative parties will hand the NDP another term in the next election.” Ellis was first elected in 2014 and was re­elected in 2015 with the largest margin of victory among PC MLAs. Before his election in 2014, Ellis spent 12 years with the Calgary Police Service. During his tenure, he served eight years as a Constable and three as a patrol Sergeant. In recognition of his service, Ellis received a 10­year distinguished service medal in 2013. “I’m proud to have served my community as a law enforcement officer for...

The First Step

The past two months I've been travelling across Alberta, talking to people like you, with a clear message: it's time to unite Alberta, defeat the NDP, and bring back the Alberta Advantage. But before we can even think about the next election, we must take the first step. If I don't win the Alberta PC leadership, there will be no single united party, and we could be looking at a second consecutive NDP government in 2019. So I need your help. I need you to buy an Alberta PC membership so you can take part in local meetings and cast your vote in the upcoming leadership election. Click here to purchase your one-year, $10 Alberta PC Party membership and support me as the next Alberta PC leader. This membership will give you access to run for a position on your...

The NDP Economic Record - The Worst in a Century

A little while ago, NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci provided Albertans with a Fall fiscal update. The news wasn’t good. Alberta will be posting its single biggest budgetary deficit in its 110 year history - $10.9 billion dollars in 2016 alone. To put that in context, it means the NDP government has taken out new debt in the amount of $2,600 for every man, woman, and child in Alberta – in just one year! This is a truly staggering level of debt. Already, Alberta has had its credit rating reduced, making it more expensive to borrow money and creating new investor uncertainty. On top of huge job losses across the province, small businesses are closing their doors because they can’t afford to pay staff the higher minimum wage the NDP have forced on them. Next up is a new multi-billion...

How do we Unite Alberta?

A lot of people have been asking me — what's your plan to Unite Alberta? So I wanted to reach out to you and explain my plan in more detail: It's an ambitious plan, and it's going to take a lot of work to pull it off. But I strongly believe the best path forward for our province is to unite free-enterprise conservatives under one party. The first step in this process is winning the Alberta PC leadership. In order to do that, I need my supporters to buy memberships and come out and support me at the local level, and in the leadership race. Can I count on your support? Get your $10, one-year membership and help me Unite Alberta. Sincerely, Jason Kenney

Stopping the NDP Carbon Tax

Since Jason Kenney launched his bid to Unite Alberta, one issue has come up every day — the NDP carbon tax. This multibillion dollar carbon tax on everything was not mentioned in the NDP's election platform. It's no surprise they kept their plan hidden — it's massively unpopular. 82% of small business owners are opposed, and we stand with them. Help us fight back. Sign our petition to stop the NDP carbon tax! The NDP didn't receive a mandate to massively raise our taxes, and it's the most pressing example of why four years of NDP rule is four years too many. At a time when Alberta's economy is struggling, the NDP has found a way to make a bad situation worse. This is why it's so important for us to come together and Unite Alberta. We must unite free-enterprise...

Thank You Stephen Harper

I join countless others in thanking my friend, the Rt Hon Stephen Harper for his devotion to Canada, his leadership, and his profound spirit of public service.

Repealing Bill 6

The NDP still don’t seem to get what all the fuss is about. When they introduced Bill 6, the so-called “Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act”, the NDP just what they always do. They ignored legitimate concerns raised by farmers and ranchers – those most affected by the new law – and they rammed it through the Alberta Legislature with only minimal time devoted to consultation or debate. Sadly, this has become a familiar pattern from the NDP – impose draconian new laws, without consultation, and then announce changes and amendments after widespread dissatisfaction erupts. They told us we have to pass the bill before we can consult on it! Given the importance of Alberta’s farms and ranches, not only to rural Alberta but to the entire Alberta economy, you would have thought the NDP might try to...

Beyond the spin: the sad record of the Alberta NDP

Alberta’s media reacts to the NDP’s quarterly fiscal update. It reveals a party at work on destroying what remains of the Alberta Advantage. “Ceci announced Tuesday that, based on first quarter results, the provincial deficit will be $10.9 billion rather than the $10.4 billion he forecast in his spring budget. The $10.4-billion deficit was already going to be far and away the largest deficit in Alberta’s history. Now Ceci let Albertans know the actual deficit will be five per cent larger than that.” Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun, August 23, 2016 “The government’s first-quarter fiscal report paints the worst picture in modern memory, more devastating than the crash of the 1980s or the Great Recession of the 2000s. I’ve read dozens of Alberta budgets and quarterlies. Some were obscenely stuffed with cash. Others flirted with public poverty. This is the first...

NDP Subsidy Plan Is Not What Alberta Needs

When it comes to using taxpayer dollars, I’ve always believed that government has a duty to spend those dollars responsibly and wisely. When Jason Kenney was an MP, he strongly opposed the federal subsidy brought in by the Liberals, which gave political parties a taxpayer-funded subsidy every three months. Canadians were proud when the Conservative Party were finally able to repeal this subsidy and force political parties to rely only on what they were able to raise from individual supporters. However, the NDP government here in Alberta seems intent of bringing back the costly practice of giving taxpayer dollars directly to political parties – and they’re doing it behind closed doors and in secret. Sign our petition now — help us stop the NDP plan to fund their next election campaign with taxpayer money. At the latest meeting of the...

Jason Kenney Reacts to NDP Party Subsidy Plans

"The NDP has its priorities all wrong. Today NDP Members of the Ethics and Accountability Committee voted to force taxpayers to subsidize fifty percent of campaign and party-related expenses. "The Alberta NDP is shrinking Albertans’ take-home pay through higher taxes, while giving political parties a taxpayer-funded subsidy. Their job-killing carbon tax will make the NDP recession even worse, but instead of tax relief and job creation, the NDP’s focus is on subsidizing political campaigns – including their own. "This proposed political subsidy was not even mentioned in the NDP’s election platform. It is yet another example of their hidden agenda of higher taxes and more spending on themselves and their friends. Alberta political parties should depend on donations from their supporters, not forced subsidies from taxpayers."

Higher Beer Taxes Brewing­­ — NDP Hits Consumers

Today Jason Kenney called on Albertans to prepare for the NDP’s massive beer tax hike. “For purely ideological reasons, the NDP is meddling with the beer market. They are trying to ‘fix’ a system that wasn’t broken. Their protectionist fiasco has backfired, and it’s Alberta beer­ drinkers who will be left holding the ‘can.’” Kenney said. Kenney’s Unity Tour began on Monday of this week in Edmonton, and he continues to hear from Albertans how NDP tax hikes are hitting family pocketbooks. “This accidental NDP government has raised the cost of almost everything. Their attitude appears to be, ‘If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.’ And this is all happening before the NDP implements its job­killing carbon tax in 2017, which will only further increase the cost of all goods ­ including beer!” said Kenney. Kenney stopped by Slave Lake’s Great Canadian Liquor Company to stock up on Alberta­ made craft beers before the NDP tax hike goes into effect. He purchased a selection of Big Rock beers produced in his Calgary constituency. “Alberta has some of the best craft breweries in Canada, and they thrived well before the NDP started meddling with higher taxes and subsidies.”

Jason Kenney Begins Unity Tour

Today Jason Kenney began his provincewide Unity Tour in Edmonton. “Since announcing my intention to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, our Unite Alberta campaign has received overwhelming support across the province. During this Unity Tour, I intend to visit all 87 constituencies and every major Alberta community at least once,” Kenney said. Kenney’s Unity Tour began today in Edmonton and will travel throughout Northern Alberta for the rest of the week, with stops at Whitecourt, Peace River, and Slave Lake. “This Unity Tour is about listening to Albertans, and how they want to unite our province. Everyone I’ve listened to is worried about the NDP’s disastrous mismanagement of our economy­­that message is clear. But more importantly, I want to give Albertans and grassroots conservatives a voice on unity,” said Kenney Jason will be touring the province throughout the summer and fall in his blue Dodge Ram pickup, and will be staying at the homes of welcoming Albertans. “As I criss­cross the province in the months ahead, I look forward to meeting up with Albertans around kitchen tables to discuss how we can get this province back on track, and restore the Alberta Advantage.”


Calgary, AB – This evening the Right Honourable Stephen Harper formally endorsed the Honourable Jason Kenney’s Unite Alberta campaign. “He has demonstrated time and again that he is a principled, thoughtful and highly capable conservative. Friends, I would ask you tonight, I would ask all of Alberta’s members of the Conservative Party of Canada to join me and work to elect as the next leader of the PC Party the Honourable Jason Kenney.” Mr. Harper delivered these remarks at the Calgary Heritage Stampede barbecue to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. It was Mr. Harper who led the charge to unite conservatives at the federal level more than a decade ago. "I couldn't be more pleased to have the support of our former Prime Minister," said Mr. Kenney. "Not only did he lead the charge to unify two federal parties, he...

Jason Kenney Outlines His Grassroots Guarantee

Edmonton, AB – Today, the Honourable Jason Kenney, highlighted his Grassroots Guarantee as his campaign to unite Alberta gets underway. While speaking before local supporters and media in Edmonton Mr. Kenney detailed his plan to bring together one, cohesive and unified conservative voice in Alberta. Integral to that is his pledge to engage and empower the grassroots to take a leading role in uniting Albertans. He guaranteed that any agreement for the establishment of a united conservative party would be submitted to the PC membership for review, referendum, and ratification. “As I said yesterday: unity must be pursued and achieved openly and transparently. Grassroots members must have the final say on any proposed agreement,” Mr. Kenney reaffirmed. “This is absolutely non-negotiable and in my view is the only way forward.” Mr. Kenney plans to use the merger that occurred on...

Jason Kenney Announces Bid to Unite Albertans

July 6, 2016 — Calgary — Jason Kenney today announced his intention to run for leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta in the upcoming leadership race and unite Albertans to defeat the NDP in 2019. “I have decided to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, seeking an explicit mandate to unite with the Wildrose Party, and all like-minded Albertans, so we can defeat the NDP and put this province back on the right track,” Kenney said. This afternoon Kenney rallied hundreds of supporters in northeastern Calgary to support his bid for leader in 2017. “We must fight the ideological agenda of this accidental NDP government to limit the damage they do to our province now,” said Kenny. “And we must do everything within our power to eliminate the risk of a second NDP term,...

Speech — Wednesday, July 6

Thank-you very much. Thank-you all, friends, for coming here on such short notice. Thanks especially to my Parliamentary colleagues for your presence. Let me offer a special word to our Muslim friends here today on Eid al-Fitr: Eid Mubarak to all of you and your families after a very long summer fast! Friends, today I want to talk to you about the principles that animate my public service, how I have fought for them in the past, and how I hope to do so in the future. Let me begin my saying that there are a lot of people here who mean a great deal to me, but allow me single out two: my Mom; and the young man who just led us in O Canada! Andrew Sennyah immigrated to Canada a few years ago. Last year he worked as...

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