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Albertans Deserve Better

Jason Kenney's Response to Premier Notley's 'State of the Province' Address "The Premier’s message today demonstrated that the NDP government is out of touch with economic reality of Alberta today. Everywhere I go I meet Albertans who are hurting, who have lost their jobs, homes, and businesses. These are people who have survived the ups and downs of the economy, but are not surviving the anti-growth agenda of this NDP government. Since the Premier gave her last State of the Province address in November 2015, 61,000 more Albertans have lost full-time jobs, and the provincial unemployment rate increased by 23%." Read more

Liberals Again Deny ISIS Genocide

Ottawa – The Trudeau Liberal Government still refuses to recognize the reality of the genocide being committed by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Read more

Jason Kenney Calls for Action on Fentanyl Crisis

Today Calgary Midnapore MP Jason Kenney called for stronger action to address the fentanyl crisis in Alberta. Since the beginning of 2015, some 430 Albertans have died from fentanyl overdoses. “This deadly drug fentanyl is plaguing Western Canada. We need to send a message to the drug pushers who are poisoning Canadians. Fentanyl is tantamount to a death sentence for the user – and the dealers know this,” Kenney said during Question Period in the House of Commons. “We need action from all levels of government to stop this growing fentanyl crisis. But Alberta’s NDP government seems unwilling to lead the fight, and Liberals MPs just blocked an effort by Conservative MP Len Webber to conduct an urgent study on fentanyl at the Commons Health Committee," Kenney said. “I call on the federal government to take action by legislating tough... Read more

PC MLA Mike Ellis Endorses Jason Kenney

Today Progressive Conservative MLA Mike Ellis endorsed Jason Kenney for party Leader. “I fully support Jason Kenney’s bid for PC leader, as well as his campaign to unite Albertans under a single, conservative party,” Ellis said. “Jason has proven over the past two decades that he is a dedicated public servant who loves our province. There is no one better to lead the charge.” “I have spent the past few months speaking with my constituents about the future of Alberta. First, they tell me that a second NDP term would damage the economic future of this province for at least a generation. They also tell me that the PCs and Wildrose need to get their act together before the next election” Ellis said. “I think this PC leadership race is a clear referendum on unity, and I am throwing my full support behind Jason’s plan for a united alternative to the NDP,” said Ellis. “NDP policies are making life more difficult for Alberta families with tax increase after tax increase. I’m worried that two competing conservative parties will hand the NDP another term in the next election.” Ellis was first elected in 2014 and was re­elected in 2015 with the largest margin of victory among PC MLAs. Before his election in 2014, Ellis spent 12 years with the Calgary Police Service. During his tenure, he served eight years as a Constable and three as a patrol Sergeant. In recognition of his service, Ellis received a 10­year distinguished service medal in 2013. “I’m proud to have served my community as a law enforcement officer for... Read more

Jason Kenney Reacts to NDP Party Subsidy Plans

"The NDP has its priorities all wrong. Today NDP Members of the Ethics and Accountability Committee voted to force taxpayers to subsidize fifty percent of campaign and party-related expenses. "The Alberta NDP is shrinking Albertans’ take-home pay through higher taxes, while giving political parties a taxpayer-funded subsidy. Their job-killing carbon tax will make the NDP recession even worse, but instead of tax relief and job creation, the NDP’s focus is on subsidizing political campaigns – including their own. "This proposed political subsidy was not even mentioned in the NDP’s election platform. It is yet another example of their hidden agenda of higher taxes and more spending on themselves and their friends. Alberta political parties should depend on donations from their supporters, not forced subsidies from taxpayers." Read more

Higher Beer Taxes Brewing­­ — NDP Hits Consumers

Today Jason Kenney called on Albertans to prepare for the NDP’s massive beer tax hike. “For purely ideological reasons, the NDP is meddling with the beer market. They are trying to ‘fix’ a system that wasn’t broken. Their protectionist fiasco has backfired, and it’s Alberta beer­ drinkers who will be left holding the ‘can.’” Kenney said. Kenney’s Unity Tour began on Monday of this week in Edmonton, and he continues to hear from Albertans how NDP tax hikes are hitting family pocketbooks. “This accidental NDP government has raised the cost of almost everything. Their attitude appears to be, ‘If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.’ And this is all happening before the NDP implements its job­killing carbon tax in 2017, which will only further increase the cost of all goods ­ including beer!” said Kenney. Kenney stopped by Slave Lake’s Great Canadian Liquor Company to stock up on Alberta­ made craft beers before the NDP tax hike goes into effect. He purchased a selection of Big Rock beers produced in his Calgary constituency. “Alberta has some of the best craft breweries in Canada, and they thrived well before the NDP started meddling with higher taxes and subsidies.” Read more

Jason Kenney Begins Unity Tour

Today Jason Kenney began his provincewide Unity Tour in Edmonton. “Since announcing my intention to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, our Unite Alberta campaign has received overwhelming support across the province. During this Unity Tour, I intend to visit all 87 constituencies and every major Alberta community at least once,” Kenney said. Kenney’s Unity Tour began today in Edmonton and will travel throughout Northern Alberta for the rest of the week, with stops at Whitecourt, Peace River, and Slave Lake. “This Unity Tour is about listening to Albertans, and how they want to unite our province. Everyone I’ve listened to is worried about the NDP’s disastrous mismanagement of our economy­­that message is clear. But more importantly, I want to give Albertans and grassroots conservatives a voice on unity,” said Kenney Jason will be touring the province throughout the summer and fall in his blue Dodge Ram pickup, and will be staying at the homes of welcoming Albertans. “As I criss­cross the province in the months ahead, I look forward to meeting up with Albertans around kitchen tables to discuss how we can get this province back on track, and restore the Alberta Advantage.” Read more


Calgary, AB – This evening the Right Honourable Stephen Harper formally endorsed the Honourable Jason Kenney’s Unite Alberta campaign. “He has demonstrated time and again that he is a principled, thoughtful and highly capable conservative. Friends, I would ask you tonight, I would ask all of Alberta’s members of the Conservative Party of Canada to join me and work to elect as the next leader of the PC Party the Honourable Jason Kenney.” Mr. Harper delivered these remarks at the Calgary Heritage Stampede barbecue to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. It was Mr. Harper who led the charge to unite conservatives at the federal level more than a decade ago. "I couldn't be more pleased to have the support of our former Prime Minister," said Mr. Kenney. "Not only did he lead the charge to unify two federal parties, he... Read more

Jason Kenney Outlines His Grassroots Guarantee

Edmonton, AB – Today, the Honourable Jason Kenney, highlighted his Grassroots Guarantee as his campaign to unite Alberta gets underway. While speaking before local supporters and media in Edmonton Mr. Kenney detailed his plan to bring together one, cohesive and unified conservative voice in Alberta. Integral to that is his pledge to engage and empower the grassroots to take a leading role in uniting Albertans. He guaranteed that any agreement for the establishment of a united conservative party would be submitted to the PC membership for review, referendum, and ratification. “As I said yesterday: unity must be pursued and achieved openly and transparently. Grassroots members must have the final say on any proposed agreement,” Mr. Kenney reaffirmed. “This is absolutely non-negotiable and in my view is the only way forward.” Mr. Kenney plans to use the merger that occurred on... Read more

Jason Kenney Announces Bid to Unite Albertans

July 6, 2016 — Calgary — Jason Kenney today announced his intention to run for leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta in the upcoming leadership race and unite Albertans to defeat the NDP in 2019. “I have decided to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, seeking an explicit mandate to unite with the Wildrose Party, and all like-minded Albertans, so we can defeat the NDP and put this province back on the right track,” Kenney said. This afternoon Kenney rallied hundreds of supporters in northeastern Calgary to support his bid for leader in 2017. “We must fight the ideological agenda of this accidental NDP government to limit the damage they do to our province now,” said Kenny. “And we must do everything within our power to eliminate the risk of a second NDP term,... Read more

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