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Legal Memorandum - Alberta Conservative Consolidation Committee

Attached below is the legal Memorandum from the Alberta Conservative Consolidation Committee on how we should unite conservatives.  Click here for the document. Read more

Statement from Jason Kenney regarding motion to disqualify him from PC Leadership race

“I am disappointed that a special meeting of the PC Party’s Board has been called to consider a motion to disqualify me as a candidate, just days after a similar effort was rejected unanimously by the Leadership Election Committee.  Read more

Telling The Truth

Honesty, respect, and unity.   Read more

Statement from Jason Kenney on the Quebec City Terrorist Attack

We have been shocked to the core to witness the unspeakable murder of six innocent Canadians in Quebec City this week in the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur on our soil.  Read more

PC MLA Dave Rodney Endorses Jason Kenney For Leader

Calgary, AB — Today PCAA MLA for Calgary-Lougheed & House Leader, Dave Rodney, endorsed Jason Kenney for leader of PC Alberta. Rodney joins 3 other sitting MLAs and more than 50 former MLAs in endorsing Kenney for PC leader. Read more

Jason Kenney Respond's to Trudeau's Oilsands 'Phase Out' Attack

Today, Justin Trudeau said he wants to "phase out" Alberta's oil sands. Let's be clear what he's talking about: The oil sands represent trillions of dollars of future wealth for Canadians. That's our ability to pay for future pensions and healthcare, for infrastructure and education and it also represents hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs for working middle income Canadian families. But, more than that, every expert agrees that global demand for oil and gas is going to continue to grow for decades to come.  Read more

Town Halls Across Alberta Building Momentum

This week’s packed town hall in Calgary was an incredible success, and we thank everyone  who came out. We had planned for about 200, but enthusiasm was overwhelming, and, in the end, over 800 Calgarians joined us. Jason had the chance to speak directly to Albertans about his plan to unite Alberta into a single free-enterprise party. Read more

Richard Gotfried, MLA Calgary-Fish Creek, Supports Jason Kenney for Leader of the PCAA

Calgary, Alberta, January 11, 2017 - Richard Gotfried, Progressive Conservative MLA for Calgary-Fish Creek, has endorsed Jason Kenney for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. Gotfried and dozens of his supporters joined the Kenney team at a Calgary rally attended by more than 700 people working to unite Albertans into a single free-enterprise party conservative movement.  Read more

Trinity Statement

"I am pleased by news that parents of the Trinity Christian School Association will be able to continue providing their children with the education of their choosing.  As I stated at the time of Trinity’s revocation, I was deeply troubled that thousands of students and their caring families were blindsided and cast into uncertainty by the NDP’s unilateral action. Read more

Happy New Year

We want to thank the thousands of Jason Kenney supporters who made 2016 incredibly successful by exceeding our most optimistic expectations. Thank you. Read more

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