NDP Subsidy Plan Is Not What Alberta Needs

When it comes to using taxpayer dollars, I’ve always believed that government has a duty to spend those dollars responsibly and wisely.

When Jason Kenney was an MP, he strongly opposed the federal subsidy brought in by the Liberals, which gave political parties a taxpayer-funded subsidy every three months. Canadians were proud when the Conservative Party were finally able to repeal this subsidy and force political parties to rely only on what they were able to raise from individual supporters.

However, the NDP government here in Alberta seems intent of bringing back the costly practice of giving taxpayer dollars directly to political parties – and they’re doing it behind closed doors and in secret.

Sign our petition now — help us stop the NDP plan to fund their next election campaign with taxpayer money.

At the latest meeting of the NDP-dominated “Ethics and Accountability” Legislative Committee, NDP members voted unanimously in favour sending Alberta tax dollars to political parties.

Just like their multi-billion dollar carbon tax, the NDP didn’t campaign on creating a new political party subsidy – likely because they knew that everyday Albertans wouldn’t like the idea of seeing their hard-earned tax dollars gifted to political parties.

We feel Albertans want political parties to be funded by individual contributions – not by unions, big businesses, and especially not be governments using tax dollars. If a party can’t raise enough money because they can’t convince Albertans of the merits of their ideas, then that should be a wake-up call that they need to do a better job listening to Albertans.

Should our Unite Alberta campaign be successful in electing a united Alberta conservative party under Jason’s leadership, he will immediately repeal the NDP’s political party subsidy, along with all the other tax increases the NDP never campaigned on—especially the NDP’s new job-killing carbon tax. You work hard to pay your taxes; the last thing those taxes should be spent on are gifts of cash to Alberta political parties.

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