Liberals Again Deny ISIS Genocide

Ottawa – The Trudeau Liberal Government still refuses to recognize the reality of the genocide being committed by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

In one of his last acts as a Parliamentarian, Conservative MP Jason Kenney sought consent for the House of Commons to adopt a motion condemning ISIS for "crimes against humanity aimed at groups such as Christians, Yazidis, and Shia Muslims,” and declaring that “these crimes constitute genocide.”

“This is word for word the same motion that the Liberal government defeated when put to a vote last June,” said Kenney. “Shortly thereafter, Foreign Minister Stephane Dion claimed that the government recognized that there was a genocide being committed against Yazidis following the release of a UN report. But the Liberals still stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that the genocidal actions of ISIS also target other ethnic and religious minorities under its control.”

Recognition of the genocide being committed against Assyrians, Shia and other minorities, including Yazidis, follows the release of several reports from credible multinational organizations, and resolutions adopted by the United States Congress, the European Parliament, and the British House of Commons.

“The continued refusal of the Trudeau government to recognize the reality of this genocide, and all of its victims, is a shameful and inexplicable,” said Kenney. “I call upon the government immediately to reconsider its stubborn refusal to recognize this ethnic cleansing, and to act accordingly."