Jeff Callaway, UCP Leadership candidate endorses Jason Kenney for Leader of the United Conservatives

October 4, 2017 (Red Deer, Alberta)—Today, former Wildrose President and UCP leadership candidate Jeff Callaway endorsed Jason Kenney for UCP Leader at the Funhaus in Red Deer.

Quotes for attribution

“Having served as the Wildrose President and working for unity, Jeff demonstrates a strong commitment to grassroots ideas and members. Jeff is a man of integrity, depth of character and understands that unity will only work if we park the egos. Throughout the campaign Jeff has provided thoughtful and solid ideas to get Alberta back on track. The previous leadership of the party lost sight of who they serve, something that won’t happen again. With the support of Jeff, we will work to defeat the NDP in 2019, and have a government that is on the side of Albertans.” - Jason Kenney, UCP Leadership candidate

“Jason talks about listening to the grassroots members, and it is because of his leadership we have a United Conservative Party today. I am confident in his leadership, and his ability to set-up our party for future longevity. This is about bringing conservatives together and ensuring a strong, unified party. I firmly believe Jason will build and unify the UCP with the input of the grassroots members, and not dictate party policy.” - Jeff Callaway, UCP Leadership candidate