Jason Kenney Respond's to Trudeau's Oilsands 'Phase Out' Attack

Today, Justin Trudeau said he wants to "phase out" Alberta's oil sands. Let's be clear what he's talking about: The oil sands represent trillions of dollars of future wealth for Canadians. That's our ability to pay for future pensions and healthcare, for infrastructure and education and it also represents hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs for working middle income Canadian families. But, more than that, every expert agrees that global demand for oil and gas is going to continue to grow for decades to come. 

So, while sure we want to invest more in developing renewable forms of energy the reality is that we need Canadian oil and gas, not just for our country, but to help to displace oil and gas on global markets coming from dictatorships and theocracies and kleptocracies. You know what Justin Trudeau is really saying is he wants to hand over complete control of global oil markets to countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Qatar, he could not be more wrong. We need less dependence around the world on unstable, conflict regimes, dictatorships, countries that have little or no environmental human rights, or labour standards. We should be proud of and we need a national government that champions Alberta's oil sands and Canada's energy industry.

I have a message for Justin Trudeau: we will not let you do to Alberta's oil industry what your father did to Alberta with his National Energy Program. We need in Alberta a provincial government that is prepared to stand up for this province, like Peter Lougheed did in the 1970s. We need an Alberta Premier who is prepared to stare down a Prime Minister willing to inflict great damage on one of the great engines of Canada's economic prosperity: Alberta’s oil sands and energy industry. That's why we need to unite to ensure the defeat of this NDP government that's acting like a doormat for Justin Trudeau's anti-energy industry policies. So, I hope that you'll join us in that process of Uniting Alberta to be proud of and stand up for what is the most environmentally responsible major producer of oil and gas in the world, Alberta.