Jason Kenney Outlines His Grassroots Guarantee

Edmonton, AB – Today, the Honourable Jason Kenney, highlighted his Grassroots Guarantee as his campaign to unite Alberta gets underway.

While speaking before local supporters and media in Edmonton Mr. Kenney detailed his plan to bring together one, cohesive and unified conservative voice in Alberta. Integral to that is his pledge to engage and empower the grassroots to take a leading role in uniting Albertans. He guaranteed that any agreement for the establishment of a united conservative party would be submitted to the PC membership for review, referendum, and ratification.

“As I said yesterday: unity must be pursued and achieved openly and transparently. Grassroots members must have the final say on any proposed agreement,” Mr. Kenney reaffirmed. “This is absolutely non-negotiable and in my view is the only way forward.”

Mr. Kenney plans to use the merger that occurred on the federal level, to which he was a key player, as a model for how a potential agreement can come to fruition. He reminded those at the event that a despite the immense geography of our country and much deeper political divisions a successful Conservative Party of Canada was established.

Today’s event came on the heels of Mr. Kenney’s formal announcement that he will seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta. The news was delivered to an energetic crowd in Calgary made up of both PC and Wildrose supporters. Hundreds attended the event in an early display of the cooperation and unity to come.

“This campaign is bigger than any individual,” Mr. Kenney said. “The time is now to move beyond egos, beyond nostalgia for the past, beyond recriminations and pointless division. It is about this province, her people and their future.”

Mr. Kenney is confident that the key to uniting the conservative movement in Alberta is “strong leadership that is aligned with the democratic will of ordinary Albertans.” The Grassroots Guarantee is a commitment to conservatives across the province that they will be at the centre of this new beginning.