Jason Kenney Announces Bid to Unite Albertans

July 6, 2016 — Calgary — Jason Kenney today announced his intention to run for leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta in the upcoming leadership race and unite Albertans to defeat the NDP in 2019.

“I have decided to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, seeking an explicit mandate to unite with the Wildrose Party, and all like-minded Albertans, so we can defeat the NDP and put this province back on the right track,” Kenney said.

This afternoon Kenney rallied hundreds of supporters in northeastern Calgary to support his bid for leader in 2017.

“We must fight the ideological agenda of this accidental NDP government to limit the damage they do to our province now,” said Kenny. “And we must do everything within our power to eliminate the risk of a second NDP term, which would be catastrophic to the long-term future of Alberta.”

Kenney is also seeking an open and democratic path to unity indicating that details of his plan will be released on Thursday, July 7.

“We must never repeat what transpired in December, 2014. Unity must be pursued and achieved openly and transparently, not through secret backroom deals,” Kenney said. “And grassroots members must have the final say on any proposed agreement.”

“Our province and many of her people are going through a time of adversity. But united, we will get Alberta back on the right track,” Kenney said.

“This is about uniting Albertans of all backgrounds and walks of life,” Kenney said. “It is about this province, her people, and their future.”