How high will the NDP carbon tax go?

There’s just one month until the NDP’s job-killing carbon taxes begins hitting hard-working Albertans in their wallets. One month until the price of everything from gas & diesel, home heating, and even groceries starts going up because of the NDP’s carbon tax.

The NDP never mentioned their plan for a carbon tax during the last provincial election (they knew that Albertans wouldn’t support a carbon tax). And now we learn that the NDP is raising its carbon tax before it's even implemented!

Yes, that’s right: The NDP has decided to raise its carbon tax top rate from $30/tonne to $50/tonne. Even before their carbon tax takes effect on January 1, the NDP is agreeing to a 67% increase in its carbon tax! What’s worse, the NDP seemingly agreed to this massive tax hike as a condition for pipeline approval.

Is this even the end of NDP carbon tax hikes?

How high could the tax go?

Yesterday, the Premier was asked that question. Her response? “We have never outlined that $30 was where it was going to stop.”

Economists say that we would need a $200 / tonne carbon tax to meet the UN targets for carbon emissions. Is that the NDP’s ultimate hidden agenda?

The majority of Albertans overwhelmingly oppose job-killing carbon taxes. That’s why the NDP hid their carbon tax plan from voters in the last election campaign.

Last month at the PC Policy Convention in Red Deer, members voted down two pro-carbon tax resolutions. Just the week prior, Wildrose members to make the repeal of the carbon tax the Party’s official position.

The Trudeau Liberals in Ottawa are trying to force a job-killing carbon tax on the provinces. That’s why we need an Alberta government that stands up for our province, like Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is doing by fighting Ottawa’s carbon tax. But rather than fighting Ottawa’s attack on Alberta’s economy – as great leaders like Peter Lougheed and Ralph Klein did in the past – the NDP government is cheering the Trudeau Liberals along.

I’ve heard some people argue that there should be a referendum on the carbon tax. While that might sound nice in theory, we know this ideological NDP government is never going to agree to a referendum. We need a government that repeals the carbon tax. Full stop.

When I headed the Alberta Taxpayers’ Association in my younger days, I was proud to work with the Klein Government to pass the Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act – a law that requires a referendum if any government wants to impose a sales tax. Clearly the carbon tax violates the spirit of the Taxpayers Protection Act, but the NDP doesn’t seem to care.

The only sure way to ensure the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax is repealed is by winning the next election. And the surest way to ensure that happens is through uniting Alberta’s two free-enterprise parties – the PCs and Wildrose - into one stronger party that will no longer split Albertans’ votes.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Wildrose has said it’s open to unity discussions if there’s a willing partner on the PC side. I am working to be that partner.

First I need to win the PC leadership. Will you join me?