Higher Beer Taxes Brewing­­ — NDP Hits Consumers


Today Jason Kenney called on Albertans to prepare for the NDP’s massive beer tax hike.

“For purely ideological reasons, the NDP is meddling with the beer market. They are trying to ‘fix’ a system that wasn’t broken. Their protectionist fiasco has backfired, and it’s Alberta beer­ drinkers who will be left holding the ‘can.’” Kenney said.

Kenney’s Unity Tour began on Monday of this week in Edmonton, and he continues to hear from Albertans how NDP tax hikes are hitting family pocketbooks.

“This accidental NDP government has raised the cost of almost everything. Their attitude appears to be, ‘If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.’ And this is all happening before the NDP implements its job­killing carbon tax in 2017, which will only further increase the cost of all goods ­ including beer!” said Kenney.

Kenney stopped by Slave Lake’s Great Canadian Liquor Company to stock up on Alberta­ made craft beers before the NDP tax hike goes into effect. He purchased a selection of Big Rock beers produced in his Calgary constituency.

“Alberta has some of the best craft breweries in Canada, and they thrived well before the NDP started meddling with higher taxes and subsidies.”