Getting Back to Basics in Alberta’s Classrooms

One of the toughest and most important jobs in Jason Kenney’s United Conservative government will be the Minister of Education. That’s because we have a lot of work to do to get politics out of the classroom. It’s time to restore tried, true, and tested teaching methods.

It happens too often these days – a young student comes home and accuses their parents of killing the planet. Why? Because they work in the oil patch. That’s so wrong. We need to end the anti-Alberta brainwashing of our kids in schools and get back to basics in the education system.

The NDP have it backwards. Instead of teaching our kids how to be engaged public citizens with well-developed critical thinking skills, they’re trying to indoctrinate Alberta’s students with their own backwards socialist ideology. This must change.

Jason Kenney has made it clear – if the NDP tries to radically rewrite the public-school curriculum to try and spread their socialist ideology to the next generation and replace proven teaching methods with pedagogical fads, he will scrap it and go back to the drawing board!

Jason believes the purpose of an education is to provide young Albertans with the skills to make up their own minds. Our children will thrive when presented with facts, tools for good citizenship, and unbiased teachers focussed on facilitating learning. They will grow into responsible citizens who know how to make their own choices about on the ethical, moral, and political questions of the day.

As Premier, Jason Kenney will revamp our education system so that it’s primary focus is the transmission of knowledge and essential skills that help kids succeed. For example, there is zero content in the NDP’s 13-page draft about subjects like normative Canadian history, Alberta history, or Confederation.

Here we are on the 150th anniversary of Confederation, and it's not even mentioned, not a single word about the development of parliamentary democracy, not one word about the rule of law, which is the basic premise of our legal and political systems. Not one word of economic or financial literacy. Not one single word about military history. Apparently, the NDP are okay with the idea of kids graduating from high school never having heard about Juno Beach, Dieppe, the Battle of the Atlantic or Vimy Ridge.

Jason also understands that a strong education system and a sound economy go together. Albertans know that a university degree isn’t the only ticket to a meaningful and lucrative career, but somewhere along the way vocational training and skills development took a backseat. It’s time for a course correction.

As part of his plan to bring back the Alberta Advantage and get our economy moving in the right direction again, Jason will help young people find dignity in work by re-emphasizing the importance of vocational training in high school. After all, Jason plan to get Alberta’s economy back on track is going create a lot of jobs. Young people with skills are going to be in high demand!

Alberta can be stronger than ever. We can once again emerge as an economic powerhouse that leads the nation. Getting it right starts in our classrooms – something Jason Kenney understands well. If you’re ready for a Premier who is serious about getting politics out the classroom and building an education system that responds to our economic needs, vote for Jason Kenney in the United Conservative Party leadership election!