Four Times Jason Kenney Stood Up for Rural Alberta

When it comes to standing up for rural Alberta, Jason Kenney’s record speaks for itself.

Four times Jason Kenney stood up for rural Alberta:

1) Scrapped the Long Gun Registry

After years of opposing the Liberal long gun registry and fighting tooth and nail to scrap it, Jason finally got the chance when he voted in favour of the Harper government’s Bill C-19 in February of 2012. Bill C-19 repealed the wasteful and ineffective Liberal long gun registry and showed law-abiding gun owners they wouldn’t be treated like common criminals any longer.

2) Dismantled the Canadian Wheat Board

Alberta’s farmers are entrepreneurial. For years they called on the federal government to allow them to sell their product on their own – as much as they want, wherever they want! Unfortunately for them, Liberals in Ottawa ignored their plea. That all ended in November of 2012 when Jason and his Conservative colleagues in the House of Commons proudly voted to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board. Now farmers in rural Alberta have the freedom to choose where and when to sell their product.

3) Fought Back Against the Liberal Carbon Tax

When former Liberal leader Stephane Dion tried to punish Alberta with a job-killing carbon tax in 2008, the Conservative movement put Jason on the front lines to fight back. Jason campaigned hard against the tax and after a hard-fought battle in the court of public opinion, Stephen Dion’s carbon tax went the way of the dodo. Now, Jason is ready to fight back against the NDP and Liberal carbon taxes. Fortunately, as columnist Kevin Libin noted, Jason is “Canada’s fiercest carbon-tax killer.”

4) Pledged to Repeal Bill 6

As Premier, Jason Kenney will repeal the NDP’s ideological attack on our farmers and ranchers, otherwise known as Bill 6. Unlike the NDP, he will work directly with farmers and ranchers to develop workplace safety rules that recognize the unique circumstances in which they work. Rest assured – Jason will deep-dix Bill 6.

For rural Albertans, the choice is clear. In the United Conservative leadership race, vote for the candidate who has a proven record of standing up for rural Alberta. Vote for Jason Kenney.