Five Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Fears Jason Kenney Winning the UCP Leadership

Justin Trudeau DOES NOT want Jason Kenney to win the United Conservative Leadership. Jason Kenney as a strong conservative Alberta Premier? That’s Trudeau’s worst nightmare.

Here are five reasons why:

1) Jason Kenney Knows How to Campaign

Jason Kenney has never lost an election. Having been elected to Parliament 7 times, secured the PC leadership with a commanding 76% first ballot victory, and led the conservative movement to massive referendum wins for unity, Jason is a proven electoral winner. In 2019, Alberta’s provincial election will be held before the federal election. If Premier Jason Kenney decides to roll up his sleeves and go to work defeating Justin Trudeau, that could be bad news for the Ottawa Liberals…

2) Jason Kenney Has Gone Up Against Trudeau Before (And Won!)

As a federal MP, Jason has sparred with Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons and got the best of him. Jason has grilled Trudeau on everything from carbon taxes to illegal immigration. Trudeau knows Jason can get under his skin. He also knows Jason is a skilled debater who doesn’t get knocked off his game. When Jason left Parliament, Trudeau could finally breathe easy. Not anymore!

3) Jason Kenney is known as “Canada’s Fiercest Carbon-Tax Killer”

It’s no secret that Justin Trudeau loves to implement carbon taxes and Jason Kenney loves to kill them. In the Alberta NDP, Justin Trudeau has an ally in the war on our province’s energy industry. Trudeau should enjoy it while it lasts because once Albertans make Jason Kenney their Premier, the energy industry will have a fierce new champion and the carbon tax Trudeau loves will be gone – and fast!

4) Jason Kenney Won’t Let Trudeau “Phase Out” Alberta’s Oil Sands 

The Liberals do a lot of work to protect the “Trudeau brand.” They script him heavily and try to avoid situations where he could go “off message.” But every now and then Trudeau slips and says what he really thinks – and those moments are scary. Earlier this year he said we need “phase out” the oil sands and Albertans took notice. Trudeau’s PR team did their best to walk his words back, but everyone knows he meant what he said. Fortunately, Jason Kenney will stand tall in defence of job creators from all sectors. Jason Kenney represents a major roadblock in Trudeau’s anti-oil agenda.

5) Socks and Selfies Don’t Work on Jason Kenney

Trudeau likes to charm his way out of sticky situations. It won’t work on Jason Kenney. Jason is an experienced politician who has gone up against some of the best negotiators and diplomats the world has to offer. When Trudeau and Jason go toe-to-toe on issues of importance to our province, no number of socks or selfies will stand in Alberta’s way.

Premier Jason Kenney is Prime Minister Trudeau’s worst nightmare. Send Trudeau a message. Vote to make Jason Kenney Alberta’s first United Conservative Leader and our next Premier.