Five People Who Are Terrified of Jason Kenney Becoming UCP Leader

Tens of thousands of Albertans are supporting Jason Kenney in his bid to be the first Leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party. His base of support runs deep and wide across our province, but there are a few people who definitely don’t want Jason Kenney leading the UCP.

Here are five:

1) Alberta’s Premier

You can bet your bottom dollar the Premier and her NDP ‘comrades’ started panicking the day Jason Kenney launched his project to unite Alberta. The Premier knows a United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney will render the NDP “one and done!”

2) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Jason Kenney has gone up against Justin Trudeau before – and won. On the floor of the House of Commons Kenney schooled Trudeau on everything from carbon taxes, to immigration, to combatting terrorism. As Alberta’s Premier, Jason Kenney represents a major roadblock for Trudeau’s left-wing agenda and constant attacks on our province.

3) British Columbia Premier John Horgan and his Green Sidekick Andrew Weaver

Horgan and Weaver know their tough talk on delaying the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will be met by ferocious opposition from Jason Kenney, who is ready to respond as needed.Kenney has made it clear he’s prepared to back tough talk up with real action to ensure that our pipeline gets built – no matter what British Columbia’s NDP-Green government says.

4) Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre

When Justin Trudeau’s Liberals allowed the National Energy Board to encroach on Alberta’s provincial jurisdiction to kill the Energy East pipeline, Montreal Coderre declared it a “great victory.” Denis Coderre knows his “victories” will come to an end if Jason Kenney becomes Alberta’s Premier, and starts pushing back against those politicians who don’t treat our province fairly.

5) Hollywood Celebrities Who Want to Shut Down Alberta’s Oil Sands

Okay, so technically this makes our list a little longer than five, but all those elitist celebrities spew the same anti-oil nonsense anyway. Albertans are tired of celebrities who don’t have the facts straight coming here and tarnishing our province’s reputation. As Premier, Jason Kenney will make sure their left-wing propaganda is rebutted with facts and evidence. He’s their worst nightmare.

Let’s put Jason in the Premier’s office and send a message to those who want to keep Alberta down.