Experience Matters

This race is about more than choosing our first United Conservative leader. It’s about choosing our next Premier. That’s why it’s so important we get it right. Alberta is counting on us.

When choosing a Premier, experience matters. Our current NDP government is a perfect example of what can happen when inexperienced leaders fill critical roles. Things can get ugly. Yes, the NDP is wrong on the issues. But they are also in way over their heads!

Jason Kenney is, by far, the most experienced candidate running to lead the United Conservative Party. Other candidates bring a lot to the table and it’s encouraging to know they are so invested in the long-term success of our Party, but Jason is the only candidate ready to be Premier on Day One.

Jason has been at the center of government before. As a Minister in Stephen Harper’s government, Jason managed some of the largest and most complex departments. Jason was responsible for managing departments with budgets of tens of billions of dollars every year. Time and time again, Prime Minister Harper tapped Jason to take on the toughest, most challenging files.

As Canada’s Immigration Minister he fixed the problems in our refugee system and embarked on a multi-year mission to connect the Conservative Party with new Canadians. His work proved vital to electing a national Conservative majority government, and Canada’s second longest-serving conservative government.

Later, Jason was made Canada’s Minister of Employment where spearheaded an ambitious skills training agenda to jump-start our economy. Jason recognized that a trade should be just as respected as a university degree.

When Stephen Harper tapped him to serve as Minister of National Defence, Jason took a hard-line on terrorism and stepped up Canada’s fight against the murderous terrorists of the so-called Islamic State. He also played a leading role in the Conservative government’s ongoing plan to modernize and strengthen Canada’s armed forces.

All in all, it’s a pretty impressive record. But Jason’s experience goes beyond his time in government. His experience in the conservative movement highlights his long-standing decision to the principles and values upon which the United Conservative Party was founded.

Jason is the original defender of Alberta’s taxpayers. Early in his career, he helped found the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Because of Jason’s early work, governments across Canada now know they can’t expect to get away with wasting taxpayers’ money without being called out on it.

When Ottawa Liberals kept trying to stick their nose in Alberta’s business, Jason went to Parliament and stood up for the ordinary citizens tired of being ripped off by a Liberals that didn’t understand them.

There’s so much more that could be said about Jason Kenney’s long history of public service and conservative activism, but the point is clear – he is the most qualified, most experienced candidate running for the leadership of the United Conservative Party. He’s ready to be Premier on day one.

Experience matters. In the race to choose Alberta’s first United Conservative leader and our next Premier, vote for the candidate of experience. Jason Kenney.