Enter Jason Kenney, Canada’s fiercest carbon-tax killer

Calgary MP Jason Kenney announced Wednesday that he would seek the leadership of the bedraggled provincial Progressive Conservatives with a plan to unite the party with the disaffected masses who had fled to the now more dominant, less progressive/more conservative Wildrose Party. And a top priority, he said, would be “to end the (provincial) NDP’s massive multi-billion dollar carbon tax on everything.”

Wildrose has criticized this particular carbon tax, too, but party leader Brian Jean has not ruled out replacing it with a different version. “I can’t tell you that the Wildrose wouldn’t bring in a carbon tax in the future,” Jean said after Notley rolled hers out, “but I can tell you this particular carbon tax would be eliminated.” In March, he said he would cancel the tax “until a full economic impact analysis is conducted.”

But Kenney has so far offered no such hedges. In an interview with the Calgary Sun this week, he lambasted the very concept of carbon prices as “a massive tax on everything, the perfect illustration of socialist ideology” and “a massive wealth distribution scheme requiring a massive bureaucracy to administer.”

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