Edmonton Ellerslie DSM

Great news tonight! Jason’s campaign won all 15 delegate spots in the leadership race’s first Delegate Selection Meeting (DSM), in Edmonton Ellerslie.

Now you might be hearing about some alleged ‘controversy’ from those opposing our efforts to unite Albertans. Let us provide some clarity. 

First, Jason at no time went inside the room where the DSM was being held. Jason was briefly inside the Mill Woods Golf Course clubhouse – the larger building within which the DSM was being held – because local supporters had asked to meet him before the DSM began, in a different part of the building. 

The guidelines state that the candidate is not to be “near” a room where a DSM is being held.  What does “near” mean? 10 metres? 100 metres? 1 kilometre? Is the candidate barred from the larger building entirely – a building which the PC Party does not own nor rent as a whole? 

Clearly the word “near” is up for interpretation. Which is exactly why our campaign - on multiple occasions prior to tonight’s DSM - sought clarity from the PC Party on the rules.  We did so in good faith. Unfortunately, we never received such clarification. 

To be clear, a DSM is not a ‘polling station.’ A DSM is an internal process of a political party, and it’s within the PC Party’s rights to set reasonable rules. That said, a free and fair process depends on clear, defined rules – not ambiguous language  that is subject to arbitrary interpretation. 

We would welcome a decision by the PC Party to clarify the guidelines surrounding DSMs – as we specifically requested they do prior to tonight’s vote. 

We make no secret that we are wholly committed to the cause of uniting Albertans to ensure the disastrous NDP is not elected to a second term. To our supporters, there is much work to be done. Don’t let the naysayers – those who would risk NDP re-election - bring you down. 

Keep your heads held high and keep up the good work!