Defend School Choice in Alberta

Last year the NDP arbitrarily, and with no notice, blindsided thousands of students and caring parents by revoking the accreditation of Wisdom Homeschooling/Trinity Christian School. This left the families of 3500 students in the lurch in the middle of the school year as they had to scramble to find alternative education options for their children.

Thankfully, the NDP was eventually forced to reverse course after a judge struck down the NDP’s reckless move.

Now new information has come out that suggests that this may have been the first shot in the NDP government's campaign to radically transform Alberta’s education system.

Recently, a collection of NDP-linked special interest groups led by Public Interest Alberta (PIA) called for the termination of Alberta’s longstanding and successful policy of school choice.   

Normally we could just dismiss this outrageous demand, as school choice has been a successful pillar of Alberta’s education system for decades

This demand is different though. Public Interest Alberta is a special interest group with close ties to the NDP, which leads us to worry that the Government will, in fact, adopt this radical policy prescription.

  • PIA Executive Director Joel French previously worked for Government House Leader Brian Mason when he was Party leader.

  • PIA President Larry Booi was previously an NDP candidate.

  • PIA founder Bill Moore-Kilgannon left his organization in 2015 to serve as the top advisor to NDP Minister Sarah Hoffman.

  • NDP Minister Lori Sigurdson was previously a vice president at PIA.

  • NDP MLA Rod Loyola chaired a special PIA ‘Education Task Force.’

  • Finance Minister Joe Ceci has previously been identified as a member of PIA.

In addition, Public Interest Alberta was joined at their press conference by other groups, including Progress Alberta’s Duncan Kinney.

The NDP has previously been exposed for sending Duncan Kinney to do media interviews on its behalf.

Jason Kenney is a strong defender of Alberta’s tradition of pluralism and choice in the education. In fact, Jason has repeatedly stated that school choice is one of the proudest legacies of past PC governments.

Providing a wide range of options for parents and students has improved student achievement outcomes and improved the overall quality of Alberta’s education system.  In addition, studies have shown that Alberta’s policy of school choice has saved taxpayers money ( ).  

School choice must be protected. The NDP Government must forcefully and clearly dismiss these outrageous demands by their special-interest friends, while confirming support for Alberta’s successful tradition of school choice.

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