Defend Alberta Coal

Justin Trudeau and his Alberta NDP friends want to pull the plug on our province’s coal industry. That’s just wrong. It means thousands of direct job losses, hundreds of closed manufacturing plants and other businesses, and more taxpayer-funded subsidy schemes for other expensive energy sources. Not to mention the destruction of coal communities like Forestburg, Hanna, and Wabamun.

It’s a recipe for disaster. And it just doesn’t make sense! Alberta’s clean coal technology produces Alberta’s most affordable form of electricity. Its reliable, environmentally efficient and modern. Homes and businesses across our province benefit from this low-cost energy. Gutting our coal industry, like Trudeau and the NDP want to do, will only make electricity far more expensive and our province even less competitive than it is now!

We need a Premier who will defend Alberta coal. Leading a United Conservative government, Jason Kenney will be the champion Alberta coal needs. Jason understands that the women and men who make their living providing Albertans with affordable energy deserve a Premier who has their back at all times. Jason will fight back against the out-of-touch elites who want to denigrate our coal workers. The fact is Jason digs Alberta coal.

Jason also understands that a leader needs to make policy decisions using evidence – something Trudeau and the NDP ignore. Jurisdictions everywhere are embracing clean coal. Across the world, 2300 new coal-fired power plants are scheduled to be built and come online in the coming years. Meanwhile, in Alberta, we’re preparing to shut ours down. Frankly, it’s arrogant for Trudeau and the NDP to think scrapping Alberta’s coal industry will do anything to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In the United States, the new administration enthusiastically supports and defends the coal industry. In neighbouring Saskatchewan, Premier Brad Wall embraced the coal industry and those who work in it. The result? Thousands of good jobs and a strong economy. Under the NDP, we’ve already lost our competitive edge. Why would anyone want to let our province fall even further behind?

The Trudeau/NDP plan is a serious threat. Other provinces, like Ontario, have gone in the direction Trudeau and the NDP want to take us. The results have been devastating. Under a scheme designed by top Trudeau advisor, Gerald Butts, electricity prices are out-of-control! Electricity bills have been documented to be higher than some mortgages. In other cases, skyrocketing power rates have driven Ontario families to food banks. If Trudeau and the NDP get their way, it could happen in Alberta. No one is averse to the catastrophic effects of socialism.

Jason Kenney will stand up for Alberta coal on the national stage. He will defeat the NDP and take the fight for our province’s coal industry right to Trudeau’s doorstep. Jason’s plan to bring back the Alberta Advantage, which includes defending Alberta coal and cancelling the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax, will make our province a leader again.

If you want to defend Alberta coal, defeat the NDP, and bring back the Alberta Advantage, vote for Jason Kenney in the United Conservative Party leadership election. Register to vote today!