Deep-Six Bill 6

Let’s cut right to the chase. As Premier, Jason Kenney will repeal the NDP’s ideological attack on farmers and ranchers, otherwise known as Bill 6. Rest assured, a United Conservative government led by Jason Kenney will deep-six Bill 6.

There are a lot of problems with Bill 6. For one, the NDP imposed this heavy-handed new law without consulting farmers and ranchers. Of course, no amount of consultation would have made up for the fact that, for too many, Bill 6 is simply another example of government-knows-best interference.

We could say more, but at the end of the day it comes down to one simple point:

Bill 6 proves the NDP have no respect, understanding or appreciation for the values and traditions that made Alberta strong.

Since Alberta was founded, generations of hardworking farmers and ranchers have provided for our province and the world! Additionally, they’ve contributed significantly to our economy, passed on important skills, developed new technologies, and demonstrated the value of hard work to successive generations of Albertans.

We owe our farmers and ranchers, but if you ask the NDP, they’re uncaring, dangerous and totally ignorant to workplace safety. Talk about hogwash!

What makes Jason Kenney different from the NDP is his deep appreciation for the values and traditions that helped build Alberta. Many of those values and traditions came from the men and women who developed our agricultural industry. Today, it’s their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who bare the brunt of the NDP’s attack.

As Alberta’s first United Conservative Premier, Jason will work directly with farmers and ranchers to develop workplace safety rules that recognize the unique circumstances in which they work.

We can protect these family-run businesses that are such an important part of Alberta’s past, present and future. At the same time, we can modernize workplace safety so that everyone wins. But first, we need a government that knows how to work with farmers and ranchers, not against them.

That’s why Jason Kenney will deep-six Bill 6.