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What a week it’s been. Jason began his unity tour over 5 months ago, and in that time he’s visited nearly every constituency in Alberta. This tour has been an absolute blast, and a tremendous opportunity to meet all the wonderful people who make this province great. We have had the chance to meet with everyone from the World Mini Saddle Bronc champions to the Tibetan community of Calgary, and at every encounter Jason gets the opportunity to listen to what was important to Albertans. 

The bad news is that we’re only 2 weeks away from the greatest tax increase in this province’s history: the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax.The NDP recently suggested that more Albertans could “take the bus” to avoid the cost of their carbon tax, which adds insult to injury for many Albertans who are already struggling to get their kids to hockey practice and work.,For many Albertans taking the bus isn’t even an option! The point is that the NDP is out of touch with Albertans, and their job-killing policies reflect the disconnect between how Albertans choose to live and the NDP

As talks for a merger become louder amongst free enterprisers, we need to remember Jason’s Grassroots Guarantee. When Jason first launched this campaign back in July of this year, he promised to pursue unity  in a democratic and accountable way.

As we move forward to 2017, we want to remind Albertans that our Unite Alberta campaign is an important opportunity to have a say on the future of our province. starts with purchasing a membership, and then either voting for or becoming a delegate at your local DSM.

We encourage you to check out the video which explains the process in further detail here.

Below are some photos from this week on the campaign to unite Alberta!







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