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Unite Alberta follows all laws - in both letter and spirit - while maintaining the highest level of transparency.

- Unite Alberta Ltd. is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation, and is serving as the de facto leadership campaign for Jason Kenney until the official PC leadership campaign starts on October 1, 2016. It is important to note that one cannot initiate an official leadership campaign until the PCAA officially initiates the leadership campaign.

- In this interim period, Unite Alberta is voluntarily following all rules and regulations as set out by Elections Alberta (ex. no corporate donations, residents of Alberta only, etc.). We have been in communication with Elections Alberta. There are no concerns with regard to the operations of Unite Alberta.

- In addition, as a good faith measure, Unite Alberta is following the leadership campaign rules set out by PCAA in its last two leadership contests (ex. $30,000 donation limit). Unite Alberta is voluntarily abiding by the rules of the last two leadership contests as PCAA has not yet announced the rules for the upcoming leadership campaign.

- Unite Alberta will be unable to transfer funds to Jason Kenney’s post-October 1 official leadership campaign. Despite this restriction, Jason Kenney’s official leadership campaign will not accept donations from individuals who have already donated the maximum allowable amount to Unite Alberta. For example, if an individual has donated $30,000 to Unite Alberta, he/she will not be able to donate an additional $30,000 to the official Jason Kenney leadership campaign on October 1.

- In an effort to maintain the highest level of transparency, Unite Alberta will also disclose a full list of all donors, as would be standard for an official leadership campaign.

- All of Unite Alberta's activities have been thoroughly vetted through multiple legal opinions.

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About Us